08 September 2021

Seven Days Left to Enter Assegai Awards 2021

Submitted by Assegai Awards
Seven Days Left to Enter Assegai Awards 2021

 The Direct Marketing Association of SA (DMASA) says one quarter of entries received thus far for the Assegai Direct and Integrated Marketing Awards are from first-time entrants. “With one week to go until the 15 September 2021 Assegai entry deadline, we’ve already been impressed by so many agencies and individuals entering for the first time. We’ve put this down to a realisation that direct marketing is the way to go in the current climate that’s both remote and rands and cents-focused,” said David Dickens, DMASA CEO.

Mr Dickens also says that a sizable number of agencies have re-entered in 2021 after being absent for one to two years. The Assegai Direct and Integrated Marketing Awards showcase the industry leaders who have delivered exceptional work over the previous year and have been hosted annually by the DMASA for the past 23 years. There are more than enough reasons for local marketers to enter the country’s premier integrated marketing awards before the 15 September 2021 deadline.

These include the fact that there is, quite simply, a lot of bling on offer. With Leader, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards to be won across dozens of categories, marketers have an excellent chance of taking home something impressive. Shiny awards aside, it’s important to remember that the Assegais prioritise Return on Investment and they highlight those local marketers that deliver the best ROI in a way that pleases both the consumer and brand.

This focus on the rands and cents means the Assegais offering unparalleled credibility within the industry and stellar recognition on the outside. Entering the awards is straightforward. To enter the DMASA Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards, marketers simply select the Award Categories they would like to enter and then prepare submissions.

More information can be found at www.assegaiawards.co.za.