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Momentum presses the reset button on 2020 with 2020 2.0

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If you started 2020 again, what would you do differently to feel successful?Nobody could have predicted that the entire world would grind to a halt, besieged by an invisible force in a seemingly unstoppable attack.

The threats we face today are as real as they get. If the physical threat of this virus isn’t enough, then the economic threat is enough to tip us all off the edge. But it doesn’t have to, not according to financial services provider, Momentum.Momentum has heard the naysayers and wants to turn apathy into action, asking South Africa the question: “Where will your new momentum take you?”.

The brand’s new campaign is not about cancelling the year, but rather about believing that we can still use the next six months to make 2020 count and achieve some level of success on our goals.  With over 50 days of lockdown, unity and solidarity among South Africans hasn’t been this strong in the last 26 years.

Nontokozo Madonsela, Group CMO at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings says the idea behind 2020TwoPoint0 is to find a way to encourage and celebrate a new momentum in a time where cynicism and negativity threaten to swallow us whole.She says, “With half the year gone, we face the prospect of starting over.

As they say in sport, the game is not over until the final whistle blows. Our 2020 game continues into the second half, we have an opportunity to start fresh. To bring a fresh attitude, and energy to our lives. Let’s put into practice what we’ve learned and make 2020 really count.”Madonsela says that Momentum is putting its money where its mouth is from a marketing perspective having reset and reframed our entire 2020 marketing strategy.

“It’s the only way to get the most out of this year and we hope to inspire our clients and broader audiences to do the same,” she says.To kick start the #2020TwoPoint0 conversation, Momentum’s campaign begins with a pledge, which has been endorsed by influential South Africa’s sweetheart and Radio Personality Elana Africa as well as  former South African rugby player Alwyn Hollenbach to name a few.In order to help spur South Africans into a new ‘momentum’, Momentum is launching a short film to help South Africans envision what it means to start 2020 over again and how they can do it differently.

The film will debut on 11 June 2020 on Momentum’s social media platforms .Through a recurring series of webinars, Momentum will also be redirecting its vast expertise to discuss, debate and unpack topics to help South African SMMEs reframe their reality through the eyes of  industry experts like Theo Baloyi the Founder of the South African sneaker brand Bhatu, to help us navigate our new reality.

Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa Head of Marketing Momentum Brand believes that all South Africans have the power to reset, reframe and reimagine their lives despite the odds. “We understand the seriousness of this pandemic and know that many people from all walks of life are having a really tough time, but we can still turn disappointment into opportunity this year.”

She says, “We want #2020TwoPoint0 to become the rallying cry for all South Africans to use their new momentum to create a better reality. We’ve shown how, under pressure, our best selves come to the fore. In our business, we have seen teams pivot their plans and strategies showing what is possible with the right mindset.  Now let’s show how we can keep that momentum growing as our journey into the second half of 2020 continues. And we want to help them get there.”

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