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Live streaming publishing your company financial results live on YouTube

Date: 27th February 2020 South Africa

Many thanks to Advanced Health for hiring us to live stream their, Unaudited condensed consolidated interim financial statements for the six months ended 31 December 2019. It was a privilege to broadcast the announcement from their Pretoria Offices.


Many shareholders secretly think of reasons why they cannot attend the AGM some of which are, the financial results will be boring to listen to, dull, waste of time, so can’t we do this on line? There are so many reasons why people cannot attend the phyisical venue on the day. The secret to a successful AGM is to use the web for live video streaming which is to make it more lively than just the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) because it is a live interaction.

The benefit of using the web as part of a consolidated approach to making company announcements are as follows:Give the option to shareholders to attend the announcement by reaching out to them by inviting them to watch live on YouTube. Shareholders may be out of town or live far away a live stream would enable them to attend and add questions or comments during the broadcast.Always let people see who’s behind the company. what points are they stressing to viewers how do they stack up? It may take you awhile to figure out the numbers just using a PDF report. A live stream points you in the right direction immediately as the figures are revealed.


Our services include streaming Corporate financial results we take your setting from your office or hosted building and gather the information around you to ensure your presentation looks professional and your audience easily able to understand your key points.We Provide Broadcasting Software. We Provide Broadcasting Hardware, Professional Videographer Onsite, Stream From Any Venue, Multi-Camera Coverage Supported, Professional HD Video, Audio & Broadcast Gear, Professional Streaming to your Facebook, Youtube or Twitter Page!

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Career in advertising agencies, Barker Mc Cormac, and J Walter Thompson total of 17 years industry experience as an Account Director. Commenced Web Design, SEO and Database Development on the web in 1997 at EPNET cc. With twenty years experience in this business handling clients such as Superga Shoes, General Mills, Clover Tropika, Sandown Motors and many other smaller clients ranging from industrial products and Architecture to Hair Extensions and Fetal Dopplers. I have built website tracking systems which reports back to clients the number of visitors and sent by email on a daily basis all automatically. The information not only provides the area i.e Cape Town or Florida USA but what page they were most interested in reading. The report includes the top ten pages visited by year to date. Nothing exists on the Internet that can compare with this non intrusive way of collecting Visitor data and helps the client but also helps our work in SEO. In addition have created invoicing systems and vehicle maintenance Inranets. Past three years have built up and created a live streaming service where client's can broadcast their Events and Conferences live to their audiences either by way of Facebook and YouTube or directly off their own website as well as a broadcast page developed specifically for a client.. Have broadcast events for clients such as the Competition Commission and other governmental divisions such as the Department of Science and for NGO's such as Democracy Works and Open Secrets. Also but less frequent for commercial product events and sport like Netball Junior World Championships for Action Sports.

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