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Wednesday, 30 July 2008 14:48

A first for South Africa, the GO channel pioneers new interactive cross-platform storytelling | Sedu

{pp}Seduction101 is the first South African minisoap that is distributed using a cross-platform strategy via mobile / web and the MobiGO social network. The Seduction101 campaign is officially being launched on national campuses during the week of 21st July and the ongoing communication platform includes the MXit, Facebook, YouTube and MobiGO social networking platforms. Daily 3-minute episodes will be released from Monday to Friday via web, MXit and WAP platforms

South Africa’s first cross-platform “minisoap”, Seduction 101 is produced by M-Net’s youth channel – GO, Seduction 101 will be distributed as downloadable podcasts and streaming video via the web and WAP. It is also the first mobile series to be distributed via MXiT.

An extensive social media and mobile marketing campaign supports the cross-platform distribution strategy. The 13-week locally produced minisoap storyline focuses on an unrequited love quadrangle set on campus. Ryan, the campus geek, is obsessed with Zoë, the campus princess. She in turn is in love with Monde, the campus player – who is trying to bed Lindi, the campus feminist (who is after Ryan...).

MNet’s head of New Media, Jason Probert says, “The story will unfold through daily 3 minute minisodes, with each week’s scene being told from the perspective of each of the main protagonists. Each character also writes a weekly blog and has active social networking profiles on MobiGO so viewers will be able to engage with the characters as the story unfolds.”

Helen Smit, General Manager KTV/GO said, “We believe a series like Seduction101 is the future of media and we’re incredibly excited to be one of the pioneers of cross-platform, engaging story telling. The GO brand is perfectly suited to this new level of viewer interaction.”

To create awareness around the minisoap, flashmobs in the form of kissmobs will run on 5 national campuses during the week of the 21st July. A few weeks prior to the launch visitors to the Seduction101 teaser website submitted their best pick up lines and seduction tips. The three-minute minisodes are available as daily downloads from Mondays to Fridays over a 13-week-period during which time there will be various competitions. MNet New Media is a division of Multichoice. Seduction101 is a GO channel initiative and is the first South African cross-platform minisoap.

Contact Information:
MNet New Media
Jason Probert, Head New Media
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Tel: 011 686 6293

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