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The GSM LCR is back, better than ever

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Peter van Tonder (left), Managing Executive: Huge Telecom Gauteng, and Louis Fourie (right), Managing Director: Pansmart.

Pansmart, a leading Panasonic Telecommunications and Security distributor in South Africa has secured a unique proposition for the telecoms dealer community with Huge Telecom, a premier provider of telecommunications services and connectivity solutions. 

GSM LCR, also known as Premicells, was the first form of business Least Cost Routing. It was revolutionary in its time allowing companies to connect a physical device with a SIM card to their telephone system as an additional or alternate outgoing line. Not only did it allow for quick and easy communication, but it also reduced calls costs significantly as calls out over the GSM LCR was at cellphone to cellphone rates, as opposed to fixed-line to cellphone rates.

The telecoms community went crazy, and this market caught on like wildfire. It was profitable, super easy for dealers to sell, and even more straightforward for clients to use. And thanks to Pansmart and Huge Telecom, GSM LCR is back, and it’s better than ever before!

Louis Fourie, the managing director of Pansmart, says, “It’s back! We’ve brought back all the positives, and have advanced the technology to bring our dealers a solution which is unmatched in the industry. You can now relive the good old LCR days, where getting clients connected to LCR came without the complexities that are common with VoIP implementations today.” 

“We are extremely excited with our partnership and deal with Huge Telecom. You don’t get any bigger than Huge Telecom, and well, when combining Panasonic PBX bundles with our next generation LCR, the offer becomes an extremely competitive office-in-a-box solution with ‘quick time to money’ for dealers as they no longer need to wait for last mile termination.” 

GSM LCR’s are quick and easy to deploy with minimal programming needed if any programming at all -and with no restriction on the make or model of PABX. Although many believed that GSM LCR is something of the past, Huge Telecom and Pansmart are changing this through a unique, exclusive agency model.  

“Dealers only have to complete the sign-up, and Huge Telecom will do the rest, paying the agent a once-off connection bonus, and annuity on the voice minutes,” says Peter van Tonder from Huge Telecom.“This is an exciting development since with our next generation LCR; we’re able to port client fixed line numbers to our LCR’s and offer hunting facilities too. It’s finally a complete replacement to the fixed-line providers, and a lot simpler than VoIP.” 

This next generation GSM LCR is perfect for clients in smaller retail environments who require quick and easy access to stable voice services; clients in remote locations; clients with no stable fibre or fixed wireless connections; clients who operate their businesses from their mobile devices due to infrastructure availability; and any SME or SOHO with GSM coverage.  

A few key takeaways:

  • Next generation GSM LCR is back and offers porting of landline numbers, and hunting facilities
  • Agents can create a profitable business with ease and only need to handle the sale process
  • Any client can benefit from next-generation LCR. Simple programming, simple installation, and none of the complexities found with VoIP. 

For more information on the next generation GSM LCR or Panasonic solutions, or for agency enquiries you can contact Louis Fourie at Pansmart on 010 010 6777 or visit their website at

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