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Unidrive scores with major Zest WEG recognition, targets new markets

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Unidrive scores with major Zest WEG recognition, targets new markets

Johannesburg, 14 May 2018: Leading South African black women owned electric motors repairs and service company, Unidrive Electric Motors has scored another major achievement with its appointment as the official repair and service Centre for Zest WEG Group low voltage motors in South Africa. This major achievement will expand Unidrive’s services in new sectors such as mining, agriculture, water, oil and gas, and the residential market where Zest WEG group motors are widely used to power machinery and other equipment.

 Mr Theo Mashego, Unidrive’s Managing Director, says “we are extremely excited and humbled by this recognition by the Zest Weg Group, which comes after a long and vigorous accreditation process. This official appointment of our factory as a repair and service site for Zest WEG products is also a recognition of our competence as a company, and most importantly a result of lots of hard work by our staff. We are proud of this achievement”.

Unidrive will repair and service Zest WEG LV motors up to IEC 355, giving the company quite a wide range of products to work on. “This extensive Zest WEG product range will further increase our expertise and that challenge excites our staff who have been working for more than 40 years in this industry”, says Mashego.

Unidrive is extremely competitive in the motor repair and service market for motors up to 450kw up to 1000v motors. Unidrive Electric Motors comply with SANS 60079-0 and 60079-1 for repairs of flameproof motors & SANS 60079-0/15/19 for spark proof motors.

The company is also ISO 9001 certified.

Mr Warren Kukard, Zest WEG Group Manager (Group Electric Motor Customer Service), says “Unidrive will also offer addition products support for all the WEG brands to all the end users in the specific area where it operates”.  Zest WEG Group has been servicing the all major industries in South Africa for more than 35 years with its range of robustly engineered products. WEG products, designed using modern technology, offer its users optimum reliability coupled with excellent energy efficiency. 

 Unidrive has been undergoing significant market repositioning in the last five years since the acquisition of a major shareholding in the business by black women owned company – Ayanda At Work PTY Ltd in 2013. This has resulted in the company stabilizing its financial position and regaining a significant market share in the highly competitive motor repairs sector.


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Unidrive Electric Motors Company was established in 1984. We specialize in the repair of any type or model electric motors (AC up to 450 kW & DC up to 100 kW), submersible pumps, vibrator motors and industrial gearboxes. We are a supplier of new electric motors, variable motor control switchgear, steel frame special motors, VSD drives, gearboxes and submersible pumps.

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