Wednesday, 02 August 2017 04:53

New CEO fully committed to Free WiFi for South Africa

Written by 
Dudu Mkhwanazi

Project Isizwe - the innovative NGO behind Africa’s most successful, large-scale Free WiFi network - has announced Dudu Mkhwanazi as the new CEO. Mkhwanazi is deeply committed to enabling social justice and empowering South Africans through free access to the internet.

Mkhwanazi’s appointment to the executive role is set to see Project Isizwe ensure its mandate as the advocate for Free WiFi as a human right. “Project Isizwe is lobbying for ubiquitous, government subsidised internet access within a walking distance of every South African”, says Mkhwanazi.

The 26-year-old describes herself as an “activist” for Free WiFi. “I believe in being part of an organisation that not only sets out to change people's lives, but also rewrites the history as far as empowerment is concerned.”

Mkhwanazi has a demonstrated history of successfully managing complex projects at scale and holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy Analysis from Université Montpellier. Her unique leadership approach combines authentic relationship building with thorough business rigour to deliver sustainably impactful projects in pursuit of social justice for all South Africans.

“Internet access is a tool to empower those in low socioeconomic ranks. When the government heeds the call to make internet access a basic human right akin to water and electricity in South Africa, it will be more than a progressive pioneering policy, it will be a selfless act to bridge digital, economic and social divides.”

Namola EMS Group

Namola is the fastest way to request emergency assistance. By using your phone’s GPS location we’re able to tell nearby responders who you are and where you are. When you request assistance through the Namola app, the Namola team immediately sends your request to local law enforcement and participating safety initiatives in your community so they can come to your aid as quickly as possible. We believe that a safe South Africa is only possible when communities and law enforcement work together. Our users are the eyes and ears of the community, and our Namola Watch Responders Network the safety net. The more people are involved across the country, the fewer criminals can hide. And the better we can help law enforcement do their job and hold them accountable.

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