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{pp}Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most effective ways of marketing directly online. Direct marketing has always held its place in the marketing mix, but prohibitively high costs posed a barrier for entry to many advertisers. Email has provided a far more cost-effective way to reach customers at…
{pp}Following on from the recent release of her book 'Surviving the SA Media - 'Building Bridges to Make the Media More Accessible' (Knowledge Resources), journalist and media trainer Marion Scher will be running two courses in November.
Thursday, 17 September 2009 16:55

The most affordable fax service in South Africa

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{pp}It’s about time that South African fax users are informed of the real cost of sending a fax to a conventional “0866” fax-to-email solution. Virtual Fax and ECN have signed a partnership agreement to bring the first 087 based fax-to-email solution to the South Africa market. The Virtual Fax solution…
{pp}A Hands-On Approach to Empower Your Life!Get a Ticket to Freedom and begin the journey toward accomplishing your goals and empowering your life.Self-help author and motivational speaker, Nancy Wylde writes a compassionate and humorous book that gently guides you toward becoming the woman you want to be.
{pp}Nielsen Study estimates a yearly growth rate of 5.7% for online communities. Today qeep breaks through 2,000,000 users with a growth rate of 100% since February 2009, with South Africa taking the lead.
{pp}In October last year Pocit, a cellphone payment system launched with less than 1 000 users, now it grows at around 15% a week on average double their user base every three months, although since March growth has quadrupled.The biggest driver in growth at present is on university campuses where…
Saturday, 28 March 2009 13:24

Rival Industrial buys Bundublog

{pp}Niche market industrial publishing company Rival Industrial has purchased local blogging platform Bundublog effective 1 April 2009.
{pp}Marion Scher has been one of South Africa's top freelance journalists for the last 21 years, with years of experience in the field of media and the written word.
{pp}At a time when almost everybody is cutting back on spending, Rocketseed has aggressively been growing its distribution footprint in Southern Africa and some key international markets. Since the start of September 2008, Rocketseed has entered into new distribution agreements with partners in the US, UK and the Gulf, whilst…
Thursday, 11 September 2008 16:03

Perk up your Presentation

{pp}You get all dressed up for a great night out with your workmates and arrive at the event to welcome cocktails – the evening’s looking good, even though it’s a company anniversary bash or something similar. They’ve hired good music and the party’s getting better by the minute. Even the…
{pp}Seduction101 is the first South African minisoap that is distributed using a cross-platform strategy via mobile / web and the MobiGO social network. The Seduction101 campaign is officially being launched on national campuses during the week of 21st July and the ongoing communication platform includes the MXit, Facebook, YouTube and…
{pp}So what does this mean for us in real terms that we can process and work around? It means that we have less money at the end of the month and maybe we have to look at ways to supplement this as they’ve been doing for years overseas.

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