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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 17:50

International Business School – Milpark Business School in South Africa

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As a reputable international business school in South Africa, Milpark is always happy to welcome students from foreign countries. Their degrees are of a high standard and are on par with business schools in other countries, so they get a fair share of foreigners who travel to their shores to enjoy the incredible scenery, cultures and experience what South Africa has to offer.

Have you ever thought about becoming an international student? Do you live outside of South Africa and are finishing off an undergraduate degree in business and/or you want to study business studies at a post graduate level? Milpark Business School is a great option for further education in a foreign country that is beautiful, seeped in history and has a leisurely and fun lifestyle.

What does Milpark offer?

Well, let’s tell you a bit about this business school first. Milpark is a private and registered provider of accredited Higher Education (HE) and Further Education and Training (FET) qualifications. We were one of the first private colleges that offered higher education in management in the country. This means that today, we’re one of the leaders. We have campuses in Claremont, Cape Town and one in Melville, Johannesburg. They also have a sales and support office in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

The subjects offered are divided into three faculties: Banking, Financial Planning and Insurance, and Management and Leadership. The latter includes the sought-after MBA degree, taught in business schools at colleges and universities around the world. Both long and short courses are offered, as well as full time and part time courses. Students can also complete their studies through distance learning, which is an especially useful option for those who are employed full-time but want to improve their qualifications.

Their staff consists of highly skilled and experienced individuals, dedicated to helping each student become a success in their chosen field.

How does Milpark Business School accommodate international students?

They assist their foreign students in every way they can. They provide information and advice on the courses you can study at their campuses, as well as everything you need to know about registration, health and safety, visas and what it is like to live in South Africa. Milpark Business School also co-ordinates an orientation programme of the campus and surrounding city for their international students at the start of the first semester (early February) and they can organise English skills development if required.

What is it like to study in South Africa?

South Africa is beautiful country, bursting with interesting cultures, traditions and experiences. Due to the different climate in parts of the country, the landscape differs tremendously from one area to the other. You can drive from turquoise beaches with white sand in Cape Town to the desert in the centre of the country in a few hours whereas the eastern side of the country is lush and almost tropical! Summer runs from December to the end of February, whilst winter occurs from June to the end of August. This means that school terms start in February, as does Milpark Business School. The terms are perfectly allotted to give you ample time to travel the country and experience the many different ways of life that are lived in South Africa every day.

Studying abroad at an international business school can offer you the time of your life, especially if it is at a school that welcomes international students with open arms!

Contact Milpark International Business School for more information about what they have to offer foreign students.

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