Monday, 04 June 2012

Survival, Strategy, and Sustainability: South African NPOs in 2012

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This workshop on “Survival, Strategy, and Sustainability:South African NPOs in 2012”, features four keynote speakers on Strategy, Sustainability, Governance, and Advocacy.

Also, another ten speakers who will address key aspects of business models, social enterprise development, fundraising, the use of digital media, branding, and advocacy.

Keynote speakers are Margie Keeton (Sustainability); Tony Manning (Strategy); Lynn McGregor (Governance); Egon Oswald (Advocacy).

Sandi Sher will be provide a guide to cause related marketing as a way of securing funding for your NPO;

Theo Coggin will provide vital advice on branding and marketing of your NPO;

Peter Shrimpton will share his experience of high-impact social enterprises and how to secure funding for them;

Jenni Mcleod and Richard Solomon will speak on key aspects of fundraising;

Adele Kirsten will share her expertise on advocacy;

Lianne Byrne-Hammacott will bring participants up to speed on on digital media and the use of social networks to fundraise;

Jannie Smith will demonstrate the Given Gain fundraising platform;

Bryce Biggs will help you to re-align your NPO business model.

With more and more NPOs struggling to continue operating this is a workshop that you should not miss.

More information is available from the Coach website at , by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling her on 011 616 4015/6/7.