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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 18:36

DeskBags Can Help Children Gain Their Educational Independence

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According to a recent report by UNESCO, there are as many as 95 million school children who do not have access to a school desk in Africa. In Southern Africa, the statistics are equally alarming, with over 4 million scholars requiring desks.

This is a statistic that doesn’t sit well with Madelain Roscher, Managing Director of PR Worx and the originator of DeskBags. “Education is one of the most important elements in a child’s life and while many children are eager to learn, their lack of facilities could considerably hamper their educational development.”

Ideally, the lack of desks could be resolved by building more classrooms with relevant furniture, but due to the substantial investment required, this is not an immediate solution. This is why PR Worx, a multiple award winning public relations company, has partnered with CC:Bags, a local bags and accessories manufacturer, to create DeskBags as a solution to this pressing problem.

This unique tool for school going children not only offers a durable bag but also provides a portable desk solution for use at school and at home. The DeskBag not only allows the child to carry his or her books and stationery, but the flap is reinforced with durable Perspex, that when folded open, allows for instant desk support.

Besides for being waterproof, DeskBags are also eco-friendly as they are made from recycled vinyl billboards, and is so durable that if looked after well, can last a whole school career. Furthermore, the bags are light enough for pre-primary scholars to use, and come with reflective binding that allow children to be easily spotted when walking in the rain or dark.

“As many children do not have access to formal classrooms, they are forced to either kneel on the ground or work on make-shift desks, which is extremely uncomfortable. In addition, these students already carry a number of books and other supplies to school, and to avoid adding to their load, we created the all-in-one DeskBag solution,” continues Roscher.

PR Worx is certain that the introduction of DeskBags will aid in creating a more conducive environment for learning for many underprivileged children in South Africa’s rural areas.

“In fact, we are so confident of the difference that DeskBags will make in the lives of underprivileged school children in South Africa that we have incorporated the product as our dedicated corporate social initiative division, as we want to help empower children in South Africa to flourish in their educational development,” says Roscher.

Besides alleviating the immediate need for school desks, these bags are also furthering employment opportunities for previously abused, disadvantaged or unemployed women, who are responsible for making them.

Ideally, Roscher would like to see DeskBags grow to become a tool in every underprivileged schoolchild’s educational development and in turn, a part of companies’ corporate social initiatives.

She concludes, “We understand that the need for desks is too great a problem to tackle on our own but we believe that through corporate support, DeskBags has the capability to change a nation by equipping tomorrow’s leaders today. We would like to make a call to corporates concerns throughout South Africa to join us in our fight towards a better educated South Africa, by simply providing a DeskBag to deskless child.”

For more information on how you can get involved with DeskBags, visit their Facebook Page.

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