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Monday, 15 June 2009 16:27

The MBA for Office Professionals

{pp}Ultimate intervention for high performance office professionals in the New Millennium!

Envision International affords you the opportunity to attend our exclusive 5 Day MBA for Office Professionals. This dynamic course is focused at the high performance office professional, driven by performance, personal growth and their career development. RATED AS THE BEST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR OFFICE PROFESSIONALS! This Dynamic MBA will ensure you:

  • Are considered a professional and visionary leader within your organization
  • Enable the use of project management and project management tools to manage events and achieve work objectives
  •  Acquire vital skills to manage, delegate and supervise others
  • Understand the concepts of assertiveness, customer service and essential public and media relations skills and how these affect your function
  • Gain the latest insight into writing and presentation skills
  • Master HR, Motivational and people management skills
  • Obtain superior advice around communication and it’s effectiveness within the administrative environment
  • Understand why maintaining confidentiality in communication is vital
  • Develop your role and contribution as an administrative leader within your organization
  • Have exceptional dealing with internal and external customers
  • Acquire key skills for documentation management, storage and record keeping
  • Are able to effectively manage meetings and take accurate minutes
  • Understand the importance of talent acquisition and retention, benefits and compensation within HR
  • Realize the concept and value of Emotional Intelligence and it’s impact on your function
  • Are aware of the importance of protocol in the workplace With expert thought leader facilitation, dynamic interactive sessions and vigorously intensive case studies the MBA – OP offers exceptional value.

Register today and become the equipped, empowered and enabled Office Professional you were destined to be! Please note that we also offer in-house courses should one have more than 20 delegates.

Contact information:
Isaac Chake (Marketing Coordinator)
Envision International Pty Ltd
No 8 King Street, Randburg RSA
Tel +27 11 326 1474
Fax +27 11 326 0387
Cell +27 82 6660972
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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