Wednesday, 08 April 2009

UCDP Launch new website

{pp}The United Christian Democratic Party are proud to announce the launch a new party website aimed at improving communication between the Party leadership and the general public at large.

Mr. IS Mfundisi, the National Chairperson of the UCDP has worked closely with the web development team in order to produce a new website that will be easy to use and convey the activities, ideas, feelings and intentions of the UCDP to be served to the World Wide Web so that all and sundry can have a taste of what the party has to offer.

‘The revival of the website of the United Christian Democratic Party is a great relief. The site will serve as a window through which the world will view and assess the life of the party. This revival has come at the right time as we head for the Good Friday period and then the home straight for the elections on 22 April 2009’, He says. ‘Much as the media, both print and electronic, have been hard put to cover our activities, we now have a fallback position. I hope the site will improve as we proceed. I also wish members of the party and the public will visit the site as often as is possible and give their comments to help us build a stronger community.’

There are plans afoot to add a column for the leadership of the party to speak to the nation on issues that affect the people of South Africa, such as the issues around the withdrawal of charges against the President of the ANC and more issues of a similar kind to be raised and debated.

The new website can be viewed at

Contact information:
United Christian Democratic Party
Tel: 018 381 5691