Monday, 30 March 2009

Rock the vote with the DA

{pp}With 78% of new registrations for the upcoming elections among the under 30 age group, young people are now, more than ever before, taking ownership of the political process and are proving that they are keen to have a say in steering the direction of South Africa.

This has affected the traditional campaigning methods of political parties, who, if they wish to retain and grow support, need to appeal to this youth market - not with empty rhetoric, but in a manner that speaks to youth on their terms. For this reason, the DA has launched Rock the Vote, a concert in partnership with leading local bands Van Coke Kartel, Jackal & Wolf and Zinkplaat – all of whom support the DA’s vision of an Open Opportunity Society and who want to reignite ‘stale’ politics by brining the DA’s message of hope to the youth. Rock the Vote will hit Stellenbosch on the 15th of April, 8pm at the Klein Libertas Theatre. Tickets are R30 and free transport is available from Cape Town.

Contact information:
Shaun Mofitt
021 468 6600