Wednesday, 31 March 2021

From religious dogma to modern spirituality

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Book signing at Exclusive Books Rosebank Mall

Don't believe what I believe, that's Muzi's go-to phrase, Muzi Cindi has been called the anti-Christ, heretic and fool...but is he?

Muzi authored "Jesus for a Digital Age" a book which deep dives into religion and aims to help atheists and theists alike to walk away from religious dogma and instead walk in modern spirituality.

His book, being endorsed by spiritual leaders such as Dr. Michael Beckwith, Bishop Carlton Pearson, and Rev. Stephanie Clarke goes to prove that it's a must read for anyone with an open mind who desires to have a spiritual awakening.

This Saturday at 1PM he'll be hosted by Exclusive Books in Rosebank Mall for his book signing where he'll be available to have chats and sign books, feel free to pop in and meet him. Strict covid guidelines and protocol will be followed.

Muzi is available for any interviews and guest appearances on this topic.

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