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Importance of e-learning and online training now and beyond COVID-19

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Importance of e-learning and online training now and beyond COVID-19

e-Learning and online training has never been more important or relevant to businesses. Most businesses were unprepared for the impact of a global pandemic on business operations, let alone training and upskilling employees. G&G Advocacy turns e-learning into a company's greatest weapon, keeping employees engaged, helping them retain information and apply learnings in the workplace and assisting organizations to achieve their goals.

Watch this video as Michael Gullan, Co-Founder and CEO of G&G Advocacy, discusses how e-learning and online training can benefit your business now and in the future.


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About Michael Gullan
Michael Gullan is the Co-Founder and CEO of G&G Advocacy A tactical strategist and strong leader, Michael is an out-of-the-box thinker who is passionate about G&G Advocacy's clients and brands. G&G is an independent digital agency with a passion for quality, smart creative solutions and sound strategies founded on deep insights.

About G&G Advocacy™
G&G Advocacy™ was founded out of the need for organisations to provide smart-working digital solutions to learning and training that are aligned with the way people want to access information, learn, acquire knowledge and develop their skills and feel confident to advocate for their product or service. 

Everything we do stems from that simple idea: if we design a better experience, together we'll get better results. Workplace learning and development doesn't need to be boring. G&G Advocacy™ assists organisations to gain a lead in their sectors by ensuring they deploy key information to develop their staff, learners, advocates, customers, partners, franchises and other external stakeholders with skills and information so they can outperform their competitors and ultimately advocate for the organisations product or service.

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