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Tuesday, 11 February 2020 11:24

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects Celebrates 110 years

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Salesian Institute Youth Projects (SIYP) are celebrating 110 Years of selfless commitment to the youth of Cape Town

It was in 1883 that St John Bosco (Don Bosco), a young Italian priest received a request from Bishop Leonard of Cape Town to send Salesians to Cape Town. Don Bosco’s dream was to service those who society excludes - young people without support and succour of stable family life. In 1910 The Salesian Institute formally opened its doors in no 2 Somerset Road Cape Town. The facility started its programmes by serving street children and offering education, trade training and accommodation.

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects has over many years, adapted its programmes to the youth, evolved and survived: “Like a 100-year old tree it is to be admired: it has weathered the storms and droughts of its environment”, Fr Michael Connell Rector 2010. “The organisations function has always been, and always will be the provision of programmes of education and training for disadvantaged youth in Cape Town, irrespective of gender, race or religion. Facilitating growth and creating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods to youth, who does not have the means to further their education,” says Fr Pat Naughton, CEO of SIYP.

The organisation currently offers 3 programmes. The Learn to Live School of Skills for youth ages 14 to 18; The Waves of Change Programme Programme, where youth ages 18 to 35 are prepared for working in the maritime industry; and the Porsche PTRC-ZA Programme training youth to become automotive mechatronic technicians.

Celebrating 110 years of sustaining a dream, delivering education, training and employment to youth, will be the key message in all SIYP activities and campaigns during 2020.

Signing up 110 new supporters per quarter through volunteering, gifts in kind, donations, new debit orders, offer funders and private companies’ opportunities to become partners in our quest to assist our youth. Sharing inspirational success stories, motivating communities, engaging the youth in 110 different ways. Signature events will be hosted, and youth employment opportunities through industry partnerships will be cemented. A potential new programme is in planning phase and will be launched soon based on 21st century educational principles, focussing on one Cape Town community per intake, endeavouring to create a critical mass and bringing about powerful changes. Offering an alternative to gangsterism, drug abuse and unemployment.

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects are calling on South Africans, to participate in our celebrations, to support our efforts, and to invest in our youth.

For more information on our programmes, please visit
To find out more about our 110-year celebrations and campaigns, please contact Frieda Pehlivan, Communications Manager at: 021 425 1450 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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