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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 13:37

It’s the Festive Season, and a time of need for many. The Salesian Institute Youth Projects are launching a local and international appeal

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The Learn to Live School of Skills educate and train youth to become part of the SA economy

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects (SIYP) of South Africa, is calling on South Africans and citizens of the world, to change the story of this country’s unemployed youths’ lives with an appeal campaign asking people to make even the smallest donation, which will help fund programmes so that the youth can maximize their future potential. With a youth unemployment rate of over 55% where 40% of adults in South Africa have no schooling or only primary schooling, the Salesian Institute Youth Projects has been creating opportunities for these youth at- risk for over 100 years here in Cape Town.The December holiday period is characterised by a spirit of giving. 

SIYP is taking this opportunity to appeal to the greater public, locally and internationally to provide much needed support for the learners of the Learn to Live School of Skills.SIYP provides opportunities for youth at risk through the teaching of critical life skills, basic education and vocational skills training. We provide over 50 000 meals per year, school supplies and support to those youth who need extra guidance and support. Vocational training in various areas gives the youth at-risk in-and-around Cape Town, an opportunity to rise above their circumstances and become part of the South African economy when they leave the facility.“When we change their outlook, a foundation is created to change their lives. They are deserving of our full love and support and we do this work in honour of the great man Don Bosco whose philosophy was that human values and loving kindness will change the world.

It’s Festive Season, we’re asking people to dig into their hearts and their pockets and donate to youth who are desperately in need of help. We need help to keep continuing to change lives of the youth of South Africa and to shape their lives into something more positive,” says Fr Pat Naughton, CEO of the Salesian Institute Youth Project. “We know we can’t stop crime, gangsterism or total unemployment, but we do want to offer and alternative.”“Sustained and specialised interventions with the support of the public, is exactly what we will continue to do for our youth and their future potential,” concludes Fr Pat.  Add just one child to your Christmas list and you will change their lives. It is that simple.For more information or to donate go to:

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