Thursday, 24 October 2019

Marabastad sees transformation

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Marabastad before the clean up 7 September 2019 & 8 October 2019 after the clean up

In the current political status of our country, with Eskom leaving us in the dark, high percentages of people immigrating to seemingly greener pastures and the ever-increasing unemployment rate, it is not always easy to find the reasons to join the #ImStaying movement.  But this story will change your mind, or at least get you thinking.One of our charities that is on the Loving Thy Neighbour platform, Garden of Life was asked by the revolutionary organisation Dare to Love, to start a veggie garden in the heart of Marabastad, where things not only looked like death, but certainly smelled like it too.On the 7th of September 2019, Dare to Love, Garden of Life and a few other NPOs collaborated to clean up the streets and start a vegetable garden.  In the words of Garden of Life’s founder, Steven Barnard: “Spent the morning with Dare to Love team. A wonderful humbling experience. Turning a war zone where people were killed a few days earlier into a place where they now can grow their own food...”

It is people like these, who will help us transform our country. Organisations that are willing to take a stand against poverty, against fear and that will act upon their convictions that will bring about much needed change.  Yes, we are a country in disaster, yes, we are a country with divides, but can we change it?  And the answer simply is, YES, WE CAN.  When we take hands, when we give out of our abundance or sometimes just out of the little, we must give.  It is when we partner with organisations, just like these, that we can, at least bring hope to begin with, and later change will be evident.   We might not see the change today, or even tomorrow, but we will see it, if we all work together.

Garden of Life trains these people, just like Joyce Sithole (seen in this picture) to mend their gardens and generate not only food but create a small business that can generate income to families in impoverished areas.  Today, the 24th of October, more than a month later, these veggies are flourishing, growing and feeding some of the families of Marabastad.    Joyce is even able to sell some of these veggies and generate an income for her family.

On the Loving Thy Neighbour platform we strive to bring people together, people who have something to GIVE.  Not always money, but sometimes just of their TIME, other times of their TALENT and then most times of their MONEY, to enable organisations to continue their good work.  As we all decide to STAY, let’s work together to see South Africa become the beautiful country that we know it to be! Find out more about organisations similar to Garden of Life on our website, at