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Tuesday, 10 September 2019 16:02

Stop the Senseless Gender-Based Violence - Motor Industry Staff Association

Written by 
Martle Keyter, Motor Industry Staff Association CEO: Operations

The Motor Industry Staff Association (MISA) condemns in the strongest possible terms the scourge of gender-based harm so prevalent in our society and is calling on Government to act on the senseless and violent crimes committed against women in particular.

“We can no longer stand back and allow our country’s women to be discriminated against, harmed, harassed, abused, assaulted, raped and murdered as just another statistic in a country where self-enrichment seems to take preference over social justice and the basic human rights enshrined in our Constitution,” says Martlé Keyter, MISA’s CEO: Operations.

“We abhor all forms of violence, abuse and discrimination against any person regardless of their gender, sexuality, race or nationality.

“The time for idle and vague promises has passed. Decisive and strong leadership is required to eradicate gender-based harm,” says Keyter.

The trade union, which represents close on 50 000 employees in the South African retail motor sector, is pleading with Government for a normalised society in which everyone feels safe and secure.

“No woman should be threatened or at risk or be subject to cowardly violence. The State should now take the very real threat on the lives and livelihood of all women in South Africa seriously and implement measures that will restore the basic values so lacking in our disturbed society,” Keyter maintains.

“We are enraged by the harm that afflicts women in South Africa every day of the year. We condemn those who encourage gender-harm. We are appalled by the lack of political leadership and we deplore the physical, sexual, psychological or economic suffering inflicted on women.”

MISA says it is time to hold to account the perpetrators of gender-based harm, to change the attitudes, behaviour and culture of people in society that promote the culture of sexism and patriarchy.

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