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Friday, 23 August 2019 09:01

Fidelity ADT and SAPS join forces in Elsburg

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Fidelity ADT and SAPS join forces in Elsburg

Two arrests were made, five fines given at a recent special joint operation by Fidelity ADT and SAPS in Elsburg.

Linda Goodenough, Community Development Manager Fidelity ADT, says a roadblock was set up where vehicles and people were searched. Along with that the team checked premises doing compliance inspections and stop and searches. “Arrests were made relating to the possession of and dealing in marijuana as well as the illegal selling of liquor,” she says.

“We believe it was a very successful operation and Fidelity ADT will continue working closely with the SAPS to keep a presence in the area,” she says. “It also sends a strong message to the community that crime will not be tolerated.”

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