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Thursday, 15 August 2019 20:11

South African National Dialogue On Xenophobia

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(Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, 2019-09-16)-Madibaism makes an impassioned plea to all national, continental and international stakeholders to join them in the South African National Dialogue On Xenophobia (SANDOX). The dialogue comes after the recent attacks on the South African Police Service officers by what is perceived to be foreign nationals. This brazen attack on the police has led to the looting of foreign nationals owned shops in acts of reprisals.

Not a single year goes by without reports of xenophobic conflicts in South Africa. Questions as to whether xenophobia is related to Afrophobia by South Africans or if there could be underlying factors to this unsavoury phenomenon remains unanswered. Could there be a third force behind the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals living in South Africa and who seeks to benefit from this human tragedy?

Despite the negative reports associated with it, South Africa is a beautiful cosmopolitan country with a vast international standard infrastructure. Every single African immigrant who wants to settle somewhere in the continent chooses South Africa as their destination of choice above any other African country.
A national dialogue is imperative to address the internal and continental conflict that may polarise Africans and drive a wedge that can only end up in regional bloodbath. Everyday, without end, the country is plunged into a quagmire that will culminate with the rest of the continent branding South Africa as a hate-filled country that will lead to the citizens of the country being hated continentally.

SANDOX is the only solution to help curb what may plunge the continent into a conflict zone. SANDOX is a critical tool that can prevent further xenophobic conflicts from occurring and Madibaism calls for SANDOX to be held as soon as possible to prevent violent conflicts that have taken place whereupon members of the South African Police Service were attacked and their authority undermined.

A call to action to offer a sound and lasting solution to xenophobia in South Africa is made to governments, all opposition political parties, all African and International Diplomats, Civil Society, International Donors, Policy Makers and the United Nations including the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, United Nations Refugee Agency and the Amnesty International. It is through the participation of all stakeholders that the root cause of xenophobia can be unearthed and decisively dealt with.

Your participation in the event will be highly appreciated seeing that we all endeavour towards a better community free from conflict and hate.

Together we can usher in social cohesion that will never be broken.

Jabulani Nzilane.

Creator and owner of Alphology.

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