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Monday, 12 August 2019 14:03

The CAD4ALL EGD Academy linking our graduates to our corporate clients

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The CAD4ALL EGD Academy

The CAD4ALL EGD Academy linking our graduates to our corporate clients CAD4ALL is the leading provider of CAD design education and a significant provider of employees to industry. Cad4all Career and Design College is one of Cape Town’s first private accredited design institution within the AEC industry. Offering a unique, professional environment in lectures taught by working professionals who are experts in their specific fields.

The CAD4ALL curriculum offers subject matter experts in specialist areas bringing extensive industry experience thus providing an opportunity to bring your creative passion to life.With more accredited qualifications offered in 2020, CAD4ALL pioneered and set up the first EGD Academy for all Grade 12 learners creating a hub for them to access resources, information and design software within the AEC industry. CAD4ALL College focuses on teaching in single discipline specific areas only.

Organisations that offer a wide array of qualifications from IT to Business, and design only as an abstraction from their product offering usually achieve generic competencies for their learners because of the lack of technical specialization.

CAD4ALL is the leading provider of design education and a significant provider of potential employees to industry for thee past 11 years Through the CAD4ALL corporate database and as a single point of contact the learners from our academic institution may now seamlessly connect to a variety of business opportunities for possible employment.

CAD4ALL offers expertise in which AEC companies can access the talent pool of graduates at no cost.  Come and join a 11-year CAD4ALL AEC history where you gain design experience professionally from the ground up.

Work directly with qualified lecturers and career advisors to collaborate a design portfolio to develop employment goals and a path to get there.

CAD4ALL the home of AEC Education designed for you in the AEC industry, Study at CAD4ALL both inContact and online at the most competitive tuition fees in Cape town.Get social and visit us on our Open Day on the 31 August 2019 and register on our website

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