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Wednesday, 17 July 2019 21:57

iCE Angel – ID™ to donate R2-million in product sponsorship in recognition of #MandelaDay

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iCE Angel – ID™ to donate R2-million in product sponsorship in recognition of #MandelaDay

iCE Angel - ID™ is a comprehensive global medical alert and emergency identification platform that uses panic buttons installed on everyday smartphone and smartwatches, and scannable QR codes to instantly notify our loved ones. The reality is that emergencies and accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. And the problem is that when seconds count, our family’s contact details are often not readily available, and they usually don’t have access to our health insurance details and medical history. “iCE” stands for “in case of emergency”. Whether you suffer from a chronic illness or critical allergy; care for elderly parents or young children; are a frequent traveller or outdoor enthusiast; live in the city or a rural area… iCE Angel - ID™ offers peace of mind for you and your family.

The founder of iCE Angel - ID™, Richie Law is a South African who intrinsically understands his home country’s safety and emergency environment having lost his mother at the age of 17 to a motor vehicle accident, and then his father a few years later, murdered in a failed robbery attempt. As an avid outdoors sportsman, he too has been rushed to the emergency room on numerous occasions due to his life-threatening allergy to bee stings, and being hit by cars while cycling.

In 2015, Richie was invited and funded by one of China’s leading internet technology accelerators to develop his proposed medical alert platform. Since then, iCE Angel – ID Limited has been operating from Shanghai, leveraging a formidable combination of leading-edge technology and a massive Chinese population, to offer safety solutions primarily to the senior care, and outbound travel sectors.

Richie said that the timing of the sponsorship announcement on the 10th Nelson Mandela International Day is an ideal way to introduce iCE Angel - ID™ to South Africa. He also mentioned that the initiative was very personal to him, quoting his belief that “service to others is the highest form of purpose”. In this context, Richie had previously worked at the Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural development, a non-profit founded by President Nelson Mandela to take forward his legacy work in education and rural development in South Africa; as well as Umsobomvu Youth Fund, a government agency that was setup to create a platform for job creation, and skills development for South Africa's youth. Since relocating to China, Richie became a founding member of a non-profit organisation to alleviate poverty through skills development, and has committed a significant portion of his resources to various causes, especially those that protect and uplift people at risk. He went on to say: “Every business decision I make, is made with social impact in mind. If I don’t see the possibility for greater good, I move onto something else. There’s never a shortage of opportunities to make a positive difference to others. Besides the feature-rich premium subscriptions (priced at USD15 per year per account) that we are donating via this sponsorship, there is a basic free tier that the public can sign up for that addresses their fundamental safety needs by alerting their families and sharing their location in an emergency.”

The sponsorship offer is open to both registered and non-registered public benefit or community organisations in South Africa, including emergency rescue services, medical care services, medical support groups, senior care services, child care services, homeless shelters, public schools, and sport clubs. Applications must be submitted via (Facebook) Messenger at, stating in 500 words or less: who your organisation is, what your organisation does, how our platform could benefit your community, and the number of people you support in your community. Applications will close by 31 August 2019 and sponsorship will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis subject to qualifying criteria.

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iCE Angel - ID Limited

iCE Angel - ID™ is a comprehensive global medical alert and emergency identification platform that uses mobile phone and smartwatch panic buttons, and scannable QR codes to instantly trigger alerts to your loved ones, and share critical emergency information such as your location, medical history and insurance details - to facilitate your immediate rescue and treatment. It offers peace of mind for you and your entire family.

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