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Job Search e-learning empowers South Africa’s unemployed

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Job Search e-learning empowers South Africa’s unemployed

Job Search e-learning empowers South Africa’s unemployed. We all know that unemployment is one of the greatest problems faced by South Africans, this has been the case for some time and will remain so until concrete, wide reaching and actionable interventions are developed and set in motion.

With an overall unemployment rate of around 27% and a youth unemployment rate hovering around 50% these interventions are needed urgently and in all spheres of the economy. From the creation of new job opportunities to empowering job seekers to be able to actively and successfully secure appropriate jobs. Angelo Pereira Managing Director of GOAL2WORK Jobseekers Toolkit said; “There are many programmes and interventions directed at attempting to reduce the unprecedented unemployment rate in South Africa.

However with the large scale of our unemployment crisis, reaching all of those affected personally becomes logistically almost impossible.” “We have found that whilst we were touching over a thousand individuals annually via our face to face workshops; which are designed to provide a clearly defined course of action aimed at viable positioning in the market in the shortest possible time, this was only a drop in the very large ocean of those needing to learn the essential skill of searching for and securing meaningful employment.”

When considering various options for expanding the reach of the GOAL2WORK programme it soon became apparent that e-learning was the most viable route to follow.

“Most of our target audience, even those in remote areas and with limited financial resources, had access to at least one device with which they could access the internet, mainly via their cell phones.” said Pereira.

With this in mind GOAL2WORK set about developing an e-learning version of their powerful lecture led workshops which teaches the abilities required to develop and implement a successful job search plan whilst reinforcing self-esteem and addressing many other obstacles a jobseeker may face. “It took us over a year to develop a programme which would provide all of the required content in an engaging, fun and interactive way.

The programme is fully animated with voice over, gamification, and interactive exercises.” On the technical front the programme was developed in modules which download as they play and are small enough not to require extensive data. Should users choose they can complete the programme using data on their phones or view small snippets “on the go” and then cover more of the programme when Wi-Fi is available or on home pc’s and tablets.

The GOAL2WORK e-learning programme is now completed and the company is exceptionally excited to make it available to as many unemployed South Africans as possible. Pereira added, ”we have already made the programme available for individuals to purchase via our website, however we are now actively looking for corporate, government and educational institution partnerships to spread the programme as widely as possible to those unemployed South Africans who so desperately need assistance.”

Contact: Angelo at 011 949-9000, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for further information.

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