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Thembokuhle Shongwe donates school uniform worth 50K

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Thembokuhle Shongwe donates school uniform worth 50K

There were smiles all around Hillside Primary School when learners coming from previously disadvantaged families received new school uniforms, school bags, and dignitary packs.

The donation is done by Thembokuhle Shongwe, a self-made millionaire at 21, qualified financial analyst, Forex trader, Author and full-time serial entrepreneur Thembokuhle has been donating for quite sometimes to different schools in South Africa Especially in Mpumalanga and Swaziland.

About 150 learners of Hillside Primary School in Mpumalanga benefitted from Donation made.

Annika Bugu, a teacher at Hillside managed to hand over the school uniform on the morning of March 11.

Thembokuhle aiming to ensure that learners who come from disadvantaged families go to school in a proper uniform.

“There are children in this school whose parents are unemployed or some parents might be working but earn very little. Therefore, they need support. We are here to support both the learners and their families.”

“We’ve met with the children and shared the importance of doing this work. Our children should focus more on their own education and shouldn’t be worried about torn shoes and uniform. These uniforms, bags and dignity packs restore self-esteem while girl learners don’t miss a day of schooling during their periods
throughout the year”, said Annika

She said even though education is a basic right of each learner as enshrined in the Constitution, it is equally important that learning conditions are conducive so that learners are able to excel in their educational endeavors.

Meanwhile, the principal of Hillside Primary school Toini Alweendo has emphasized that all they ever want is for the learners to concentrate on their academic lessons and that they do not struggle with what to wear.

Through a screening process at Hillside to ensure that the people who benefit are relevant beneficiaries,” added Toini Alweendo

Toini Alweendo said learners must understand that education is the key.

“They mustn’t shy away from raising their hands for help with school bags or uniform. What we don’t want is for learners to be discouraged to come to school because they are not able to afford things. They must come to School to raise their challenges. We will be able to help them,” said Thembokuhle.

 “Social relief has been there since the inception of Thembokuhle Shongwe.” Added Toini

The Principal said they appreciate the gesture from Thembokuhle Shongwe.

“The school caters for about 700 learners and up to 75 per cent of the learners are needy. Now we expect the learners to come to school dressed in proper school uniform. Our parents should make sure that their children’s uniforms are clean and neat. It is not easy to recognise learners without a school uniform. If we find learners fighting or doing good or bad on the street, it is easy to recognise which school they belong to because of the school uniform,” said Annika Bugu

One of the parent, Janice Jasmine, said they are very thankful for the donation because a school uniform is expensive.

“With the little salary, I was battling to buy my two children proper school uniformsThembokuhle has relieved the stress about my children’s school uniforms. I am delighted about that,”

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