Wednesday, 24 January 2018


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Security Pretoria north

Maximum security, , ADT security Pretoria, Computer alarms, Ubuntu security and Chubb Security were the major role players in armed response Pretoria north. The crime has drasticly increased due to the many developments as well as the close proximaty to rural areas and easy access routes for criminals into and out of Pretoria North area.

That however is rapidly changing due to the fact that a large role player has entered security Pretoria north.

The fact that Citi Protection armed response has put major recourses into the protection of the Pretoria north residents, will inevitably change the landscape of armed response as it is their main focus to become the preferred supplier of armed response Pretoria north. The company has a well-established control room for alarm monitoringg and that is backed by faster armed response.

Citi Protection has home alarm systems and has great alarm system specials and give free alarm quotes ad our alarm system prices purchased have a price match option, which means we will match or better all quotes from the above competitors on alarm systems purchased until December 2017 in Pretoria North Demarcated areas of response by us.Citi Protection has investigated and found that free rental alarm as offered by the opposition is nothing but a marketing tool used and the client pays an initial alarm installation equalling our outright purchase price.

The client then pays on average R100 per month more on monthly alarm premiums per month. As it is an alarm rental system the client loses its protection under the consumer protection act if unhappy with the service levels.

The obvious choice is Citi Protection alarms Call us now and make use of this PRICE MATCH OFFER!!