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Riding for a Cause: Camargue, Kuda & WHCIB Saddling up for K2C Fundraising Ride

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Riding for a Cause: Camargue, Kuda & WHCIB Saddling up for K2C Fundraising Ride

“Giving is not about making a donation – it’s about making a difference.”

More than just words, this sentiment reflects Camargue’s approach
to expediting meaningful societal change.

As stewards of social responsibility - this September the Camargue Chili Cycle Clan will again use the power of the pedal to raise funds when they ride the Karoo to Coast. A 14-strong team will go beyond insurance – and every turn of the pedal will fundraise for two commendable causes: the Knysna Fire Survivors - Housing Fund for Single Mothers and the Avontuur LB Primary School.  

A man with great vision, Camargue Chairman Mitch Marescia is passionate about empowering people, and he is again championing the fundraising.

“This is the fifth K2C fundraiser we have undertaken and this year we have a global and local contingent of adrenaline thrill seekers – all geared up to conquer the 100km challenge,” says Marescia.

The team will include three brands well known in the industry: Camargue and Kuda Insurance from the continent and London-based Whitehall Court Insurance Brokers. Everyone will pull together to leverage support from their respective networks and the goal is to again raise in excess of R100k. As in years past – Camargue has pledged to match every Rand contributed to the cause.

Opting to support a new initiative this year, Marescia says a portion of the funds will be used to assist three uninsured families, who lost their homes and all their possessions in the Knysna fires.  The worst natural fire disaster in the history of this country; over 1 000 homes were burnt to the ground leaving many families destitute. The NPO in question is collecting money to build two basic mobile homes for the single mothers who are trying to rebuild their lives.

The second beneficiary – the Avontuur LB Primary – is a school in the Karoo which is flourishing under Marescia’s guidance.  The learners are mostly the children of farmworkers and are growing up in one of the most resource challenged areas of South Africa. Using the 2016 financial support received from Camargue, the school has already built two classrooms and established a community garden. Working miracles with meagre resources they have also created an impressive community veggie garden on the school grounds.

“We are determined to make a sustainable difference to the youth of this community and we hope to show them a window to a world of possibility. A life beyond what they have. We are so inspired by what the school has already achieved with the little they have and we want very much to further uplift this community, which is a microcosm of our beloved country,” adds Marescia.

Commenting on his belief that everyone has the ability to be agents of change, Marescia says: “During Camargue’s 16 years of operation, there have been many successes along the way. Plenty of accolades, awards and industry recognition, but the most significant part of our success is being able, in a small way, to transform society. And this is something I am incredibly proud of.”

Should you wish to help us raise funds for these deserving causes, contact Mitch Marescia directly on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Camargue - pioneering for good!

Knysna Fire Survivors: Housing Fund for Single Mothers video: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/family-fire-victims-fund