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EduWeek - Africa's Global Education Event

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EduWeek - Africa's Global Education Event
Education is in a constant state of reinvention. By design, the role of an educator is to examine current states both within the classroom and within the world and find ways to adjust and pivot depending on what is in the best interest of students and learning. This status quo is exciting and daunting at the same time as it incites many questions and unknowns for teachers and educators – leaving room for much uncertainty, but also offering great opportunity for exploration and growth. EduWeek is a global event that looks to harness all of this potential, to learn from global trends and to ensure that their goal of advancing educational knowledge in Africa is met by partnering with some of the most recognised and revered companies and organisations that operate in the education space locally and abroad. 
One such partnership is with Pearson and EduWeek is proud to have them on board as a Platinum partner for 2017. Pearson is the world’s leading learning company and exists to help people make progress in their lives through access to better learning. Pearson produces educational content, tools and services with the stated intention to make a measurable difference in people’s lives through public and private learning institutions across all educational domains. Says Dr. Nhlanhla Thwala, Academic Director at Pearson Institution of Higher Education “We are proud to sponsor such a prestigious event, which has become an essential part of the education calendar. In EduWeek, the spirit of collaboration is on display as industry leaders and stakeholders come together to share ideas on how to further improve the education sector and to ensure that each young African is guaranteed an opportunity to quality education. At Pearson, we have life-changing examples of how technology can positively aid education to properly prepare students to be ‘real world ready’”. 
The global nature of EduWeek is further highlighted this year by the amount of international companies and organisations that are on board for the two day event that takes place at Gallagher Convention Centre on the 12th and 13th July. Examples include Integrated Technology Group, UNESCO, Worlddidac, Global KISS, Alston Publishing, Positivo Bgh, Schneider Pens, Cambridge International Examinations, and many others that will be coming together to network, debate and collaborate to further the growth of education in Africa and beyond. An exciting addition to this year’s event is the fact that IE Singapore, the government agency that promotes international trade and partners with Singapore companies to go global, will be a part of EduWeek - positive reinforcement that South Africa and Africa are growing markets that offer companies in the Education space opportunities for advancement and expansion. 
Not only is EduWeek partnering with global companies and organisations to showcase international trends in Education, but many of the workshops available to attendees will tackle topics of concern that affect educators in South Africa and all over the world. Some of the internationally acclaimed speakers and topics include: 
Dr. Steven McKee – President and Founder of Labtech International on finding solutions for the infusion of ICT technology into the educational process thereby transforming education to meet the needs of the future.  
Clement Ngueto – Peace building consultant, Founder-President of Global Compassion a local NGO in Cameroon and Advisor at The Pollination Project Foundation (USA) who will share his significant knowledge gained from working in countries like Morocco, Italy, Nigeria and Senegal in the fields of Social Inclusion, Non-formal Education and Peace Building with years of experience in social work.  
Nirmala Sankaran - Co-Founder of HeyMath! – a global leader in online Mathematics education with users in over 50 countries sharing methods for making mathematics engaging and enjoyable for learners. 
Danny Gauch - Director General of Worlddidac Association, the global trade association for companies providing products and solutions for all levels of education, affiliated with over 150 companies and organizations in more than 35 countries.
Ms. Wangeci - Educationist working as the Country Head of Whizz Education in Kenya. Whizz Education is an innovative education company whose interventions are premised on the belief that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs, style and pace of learning.  
Roger Layton, CEO, Roger Layton Associates - Works with learners with a range of mental impairments as part of a pilot case study. The aim is to develop and introduce accessibility tools to schools and learners and enhance inclusive processes within schools. He shared his insights at the BETT conference in Abu Dhabi a few weeks ago, a very well-received presentation indeed. 
Certainly one of the most significant global trends in education is the advancement and use of technology in our learning spaces. EduWeek looks at how this global trend brings with it new challenges of cyber safety. One of the participants in EduWeek is @SaveTNet, who is on a mission to create awareness for responsible digital engagement. Rianette Leibowitz, Cyber Safety Activist and CEO at SaveTNet Cyber Safety NPC comments, “Regardless of the type of technology used by schools around the globe and what the trends are in terms of social media policies etc., the question remains – how do we teach and encourage responsible digital citizenship? When learners’ safety, teachers’ careers and schools’ reputations are threatened by available technology and digital space, it becomes a Governing Body and Community discussion to ensure that not only the safety, but also the governance elements are taken in consideration. This is why SaveTNet Cyber Safety is involved in education and we are working with partners to offer relevant solutions to schools”. 
EduWeek is an African education event that tackles challenges with hybrid solutions, combining global best practice, as well as indigenous knowledge. It offers real information and solutions to ensure that educators, stake-holders and role-players are exposed to the experiences and lessons learned beyond our borders, extending the size of our education community and enhancing information sharing and mutual assistance to ultimately advance educational knowledge in Africa. EduWeek is a free to attend event and takes place on the 12th and 13th of July from 9h30am – 18h00 and 09h30am – 16h00pm respectively in Halls 2 & 3 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. For more information, or to register to attend visit:
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