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MGLI launches online course exchange

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MGLI launches online course exchange

Johannesburg – April 9, 2017– MathsGenius Leadership Institute (MGLI) is pleased to announce that it has launched Diretsa, a crowd-sourced course marketplace for 21st century skills in order to meaningfully contribute to the skills development goals as set out by United Nations and the African Union.

The platform intends to lower the barrier of entry into knowledge creation sharing and acquisition thus has been structured in such a way that every user will be able to create their own customized website and share knowledge with the world. As a global education marketplace, Diretsa is focused on securing partnerships with top educators from around the world in order to provide African learners with access to leading educational programs and information. The call for content publishers is not limited to top professors but is open to anyone who feels they have a skill to share with the world. Most African countries are suffering from infrastructure deficits and this is directly impacting learning for the continent that has the highest youth ratio in the world. It is exciting for Diretsa to be a strategic partner to content publishers and consumers and hopefully it will have the intended impact.

Diretsa has begun to drive awareness of the MGLI’s vision to democratize education for emerging markets by engaging various stakeholders in the African continent. Diretsa also looks to be a sponsor one of Africa’s largest education conferences, EduWeek that brings together educational movers and shakers from around the world to Africa. To educate the people in developing countries, they require access to global educators’ programs and this conference is a massive opportunity to network and exchange value.

Anticipated strategic partnerships with various leading institutions in the USA and venture capitalists will further bolster Diretsa’s ability to add value in Africa’s education ecosystem as the platform of choice. By bridging the access gap, Diretsa is solving a huge problem and helping developing countries achieve their objectives to skill up the African continent. Educators from around the world and learners across Africa can come together on one platform”, says Edzai Zvobwo, Chief Genius at MathsGenius Leadership Institute (MGLI). 

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