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EduOne Redesign Launch

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EduOne Redesign Launch

EduOne is an education technology startup that has captured the attention of over 1.5 million South Africans, 2000 teachers and has been recognised by a number of exclusive international startup societies for their work.

A big day has arrived for the team at EduOne, based in Cape Town, to launch new versions of two of their most popular websites. This is the biggest single launch for the company to-date and includes major structural and design changes to both EduConnect and EduFunding.

The redesign and development of new features on these sites began in late 2016. Inspired by user generated insights and industry best practices, the redesign is aimed at improving user experience, data usage and usability for site visitors. 

“It has been a number of late nights and early mornings over the past few months, but I’m very glad to be at the launch date with two quick, stable and ridiculously good looking  websites. It’s a job well done by the team,” says James Kieser, the company's CTO.

This launch is one of the first of what will be many iterations in a new design approach for the company’s products. In addition, one can expect a number of new features and entire products to be released in 2017.

For a more detailed view on the changes to EduOne’s sites on 31 March 2017, see a previous press release for the launch. The EduOne team encourages users to continue sending through feedback on their work through this form.

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