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EduOne Shakes it Up

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EduOne Shakes it Up

EduOne has, for 26 months, been climbing into the hearts and minds of the South African youth to help better prepare them for what lies ahead: life.  Education is the key that unlocks many doors.  Yet access to education is not as simple as 1, 2, tertiary. Through EduConnect, we have managed to cover topics and resources that are vital in taking the next step, wherever our users are on the decision making journey. From grade 9 subject choices to the ins and outs of the National Benchmark Tests, EduConnect covers it all. 

With EduFunding, we have created a centralised funding application portal to bring funding opportunities closer to those in need. We have developed an innovative management system for tertiary funding.  This aims to entice corporate organisations to offer more funding to our youth in an efficient and seamless way. We’ve also seeded a revolutionary mentorship program to help reduce drop-out rates and support beneficiaries in their studies.

Over 1.5 million people have accessed these websites in the past two years.  This makes EduOne one of the fastest growing startups in South Africa, attracting international interests from New York, Switzerland and Hong Kong, amongst others. The shake up With so many people visiting our sites every month, and many more interacting with our brand, we wanted to make sure our sites worked seamlessly and looked unbelievably sexy.  So we undertook the task of sitting with experts, specialists and, most importantly, our users to gain an understanding of what would work best. 

After designing new front-ends, re-building foundations and developing fresh features for days, we have come to a point where we can reveal these masterpieces to the interweb. We can select the book that reveals the secret door and let our work emerge from the abyss. Okay, Shakespeare, so when is this happening?

Date: Friday 31 March 2017

Time: 12h00 Central Africa Time

Recommended music pairing: Circle of Life – The Lion King

To get a better idea of what the fuss is about, here is a list of some of the changes that are happening on the sites:

  • New and improved user interfaces.
  • Redesigned navigation and menu structures.
  • Mobile-first and data-light considerations.
  • New features, including tag clouds and improved search functionality.
  • Advanced marketing opportunities offered exclusively to academic institutions and organisations offering funding opportunities.
  • A brand new directory listing of institutions in South Africa (EduConnect only).
  • New tutorials & downloadable resources (EduConnect only).
  • New career profile and entrepreneurship sections (EduConnect only).
  • The newly released mentorship technology (EduFunding only).
  • A re-factored approach to the application process (EduFunding only).
  • Industry-firsts with new features in fund disbursement (EduFunding only).

We sincerely hope you enjoy the changes made to these two websites. Our aim is to make sure we’re on the right track with them so it’s important for us to get as much feedback as possible. Please click the button below to offer some valued advice and wise words for our team to consider.

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