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Mobile Spectrophotometry that expands research beyond the limits of the lab

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Implen Nanophotometer

UV/Vis-Spectroscopy is the most popular analytical tool in fields such as clinical chemistry, the pharmaceutical industry, research and very often in quality assurance. This is mainly due to advantages such as low  time and labour consumption, precision and reproducibility. Nano-spectrophotometric equipment takes this one step further with the ability to preserve sample material by using very small volumes and introduced equipment that is much easier to use. United Scientific, being the sole distributor of Implen Nanophotometer in South Africa, supplies the Nanophotometer range of that takes usability and precision to the next level with features such as

  • On device touch screen display
  • On board processing,
  • Limitless spectroscopic applications that include methods such as Nucleic Acids, Protein UV, Protein Assays, Kinetics, OD600 Cell Density
  • Interoperable with a number of devices such as desktop PC , Android and iOS devices.
  • Flexible data transfer with Wi-Fi, USB A/B, HDMI and LAN
  • Sample and Blank control features to ensure precision and reproducibility.

How your Lab will benefit from acquiring an Implen Nanophotometer.

Buy one and use everywhere

The Implen  NanoPhotometer series is ultra portable with a very small size of 20cm x 20cm x 12 - shorter than a 30 cm ruler down the length and width - and weighs less than 5 kg. Each unit have has a build built in, high performance computer with 8 GB of onboard memory.  This means that it can easily be moved between labs or buildings on the same premises,  eliminating  the need for the cumbersome installation of individual units,  and an excellent investment for shared instrument labs. Further, each unit in the range can be fitted with a battery that lasts up to eight hours, making it suitable for fieldwork and useful in temporary lab setups.

Efficient use of Sample material

Implen Nanophotometer offers the highest degree of accuracy with the smallest sample of volume, as little as 0.3 microliters, making it the perfect solution for analysing lower volumes at lower concentrations in order to save precious sample material. Microvolume methods removed the requirement for dilution by directly assaying the sample. A capillary film is formed between two quartz surfaces with each analysis,  eliminating the need for surface tension and ensuring that the sample is compressed to two precisely defined path lengths without being stretched.

Connect your audience with multiple devices

The Implen NanoPhotometer range allows users to engage a range of audiences live,  to observe experimental output on multiple devices such mobile phones, tablets and flatscreens  with connectivity options that includes wifi, lan and usb. This makes Implen Nanophotometer ideal for classroom and conference presentations, fieldwork and lab demonstrations.

Certainty, efficiency and accuracy

The Nanophotometer range incorporates physical and technological features that protects samples from contamination and evaporation and detects anomalies such as air bubbles, sample impurities, turbidity, lint residue, high background and residues from previous samples and other potential contaminants and interference. This includes the patented Sample Compression Technology that shapes and seals liquid samples into a precisely defined flat layer of even thickness.

Smart Solutions for smart labs

There are many challenges to performing clinical research in resource-limited settings. Considerations that need to be addressed can include size,  space,  data communications networking and access to equipment for multiple teams. The Implen nanophotometer was designed specifically to address such concerns, being compact, easy to set up,  standalone portable and allowing plug and play data sharing. The quartz heads is easy to clean, simply wipe it  with a microfibre cloth to remove all traces of the sample. Implen’s trust in appointing United Scientific as the sole agent for equipment such as the Nanophotometer range cements our status as the  equipment and scientific instrument supplier of choice for smart laboratories in Southern Africa.

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