10 May 2017

Van Tonder Top of OCR as he Records a Tenth Savage Beast Win

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Van Tonder Top of OCR as he Records a Tenth Savage Beast Win

PIETERMARITZBURG, 10 MAY 2017 – On Saturday, 6th of May 2017, hundreds of athletes descended upon The Wedge 4x4 Trail in Muldersdrift to participate in Race 10 of The Beast Challenge obstacle-course race (OCR). South Africa’s 2016 OCR Men’s Champion, Thomas ‘BeastMode’ van Tonder (Jeep Team) raced in the gruelling 15km/55 obstacle Savage Beast event, pushing him beyond his physical and mental limits, but true to Van Tonder’s grit, he defended his title as King of The Beast and claimed his unbeaten tenth Savage Beast title, adding it to his ever-increasing list of OCR titles.  

Van Tonder crossed the line in 01:10:12, over a minute ahead of second-placed, Michael Joubert, who finished in 01:11:27. Rounding off the top three men was Bradley Claase, who crossed the line in 01:12:58. The Beast has 3 events with the first and easiest of these is referred to as the “tame beast”, an occasionally challenging yet doable 5km course with around 15 obstacles for anyone over the age of eight who is not necessarily fit, but looking to have a good time.  

The “wild beast” challenge falls into the second category of races and consists of a 10km course for the fitter, more competitive types with around 30 obstacles designed to test both mental and physical strength.  The final and most difficult category is ominously referred to as the “savage beast”, a name that already gives an indication of what awaits anyone willing and able to attempt it. With over 50 obstacles stretching over 15km, this event is designed to push competitors to their limits, with those who successfully finish being regarded as beasts in their own right.   Says van Tonder, “What a race. I’m super stoked to add Beast #10 to my winning streak. Well done to everyone who took part, it was a gruelling day out.” 

Results – Beast #10Men

Thomas van Tonder             01:10:12

Michael Joubert                   01:11:27

Bradley Claase                    01:12:58 



Mandie Landsberg           01:44:09

Sam Gilchrist                  01:57:47

Cindy Wills                      02:12:15 

OTHER JEEP TEAM NEWS  RUNNING – Wings for Life World Run Runners in this year’s Wings for Life World Run set off at 1pm on Sunday 7 May from Supersport Park in Pretoria. The Wings for Life World Run is a global charity event where everybody starts at the same time and the finish line chases you. The global movement began at 11am UTC (1pm in South Africa), when participants from 58 countries simultaneously started the race.  In South Africa, 2184 runners, including three members from Jeep Team SA, Christiaan Greyling, Joshua Masudi and Thomas van Tonder, participated in the world-wide event.  Half an hour after the race starts, a moving finish line, “Catcher Car,” chases runners along the course, gradually getting faster until each one is caught. Before being passed by the “Catcher Car”, Greyling covered 37.44km, Masudi ran 25.67km, and Van Tonder ran 16.69km.  Running alongside Jeep Team’s Christiaan Greyling was his wife, Landie Greyling, SA’s top female trail runner.  

The 37.44km distance earnt Landie Greyling the title of South Africa’s Winning Woman and an all-expenses paid trip to a Wings for Life World Run location of her choice for the 2018 Wings for Life World Run. All entry fees and all donations raised through fundraising campaigns goes directly to spinal cord research projects and clinical trials at renowned universities and institutes worldwide.  The non-profit Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation is a driving force behind the mission, and Red Bull covers the foundation’s administrative costs in full as well as costs for the Wings for Life World Run.

 Across its first three editions (2014, 2015, 2016), the Wings for Life World Run attracted more than 280 000 people from 193 nationalities to run in more than 38 countries across six continents. They raised €13.8 million while covering more than 2.8 million kilometres. SURFSKI – Bay Union Surfski SeriesOn Sunday 07 May 2017, the Bay Union Surfski Series got underway with the Bay Union Single Surfski Challenge. The race covered a 12km loop up the coast to the Mngeni River mouth and back to the Marine Surf Lifesaving Club. Jeep Team Paddler, Hank McGregor, paddling in a class of his own, opened his winter series account with a win as he powered across the finish line in 50m45s. Second place went to Matt Bouman in 51m41s, and the third-place finish went to Bailey de Fondaumiere in 53m47s. 

Results – Long CourseMen

Hank McGregor                   00:50:45

Matthew  Bouman               00:51:41

Bailey de Fondaumiere        00:53:47 


Michelle Burn                     00:59:29

Kyeta Purchase                  01:01:27

Nikki Russell                      01:02:21  


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Upcoming Beast Challenge Races: (all races at The Wedge Outdoor Park, Muldersdrift)

Beast #11        2 September 2017

Beast #12        7 October 2017

Beast #13        11 November 2017 

For more info, visit www.thebeastchallenge.co.za  

Wings for Life World Run – More informationThe Wings for Life World Run is a global charity event with a unique, and uniquely fun, format. It’s a worldwide run where everybody starts simultaneously and the finish line chases you. On one day each year, the Wings for Life World Run takes place at event locations across the planet. Everybody starts at the same time, 11am UTC. Whether it’s day or night, sunny or rainy at your location – you’re running together with the world and sharing an amazing experience.  The Wings for Life World Run is perfect for everyone, of every ability, because you set your own goals and you don’t head toward a finish line. Instead, the finish line catches up with you. Half an hour after the race starts, a moving finish line, “Catcher Car,” chases runners along the course, gradually getting faster until each one is caught.

For more info, visit www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com

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