14 March 2018

Toyota Warrior Coming to Tierpoort, Pretoria this Weekend

Submitted by Viv Quann
Toyota Warrior Coming to Tierpoort, Pretoria this Weekend

GAUTENG, PRETORIA, - Toyota #Warrior3, powered by Reebok, is coming to Tierpoort Adventure Farm in Tierpoort, situated just outside Pretoria East, so if you want to get out and enjoy the outdoors while getting a serious workout in, it may be high time you look into signing up for an obstacle course race. This full, two-day event, happening on the 17th and 18th March 2018, will have the three traditional Warrior distances: 15km Black Ops with 35 Obstacles, 10km Commando with 22 Obstacles, 5km Rookie with 15 Obstacles, plus Reebok sprint races over the 2 days - individual sprint race on Saturday and team sprints on the Sunday. This venue is a trail runner’s dream.

The hilly and technical terrain will take warriors over some of the best trails that Gauteng has to offer, but if you are like most of us and don’t really enjoy running, the appeal of obstacle course racing, to most, is that you hardly notice you're running, because you're more focused on dealing with intense, oftentimes military-inspired obstacles that will challenge your mind and body. Every race at Warrior is all about having a good time with your friends and making your weekend fun and active.  Mud Monster, Eliminator, Terminator, Intimidator and Maze are just a few of the names given to obstacles at this family-friendly event, which gives anyone and everyone the chance to experience the thrill of Obstacle Course Racing, the fastest growing sports code in the country.  Some of the highlights over the weekend include a brand-new Tower of Rage; it’s tall and scary.

The much-loved Mud Monster will now be the all-new Mud Mile – the clue is in the name. The short, sharp Reebok Sprint Races, which are really exciting to watch but very tough to do, will be a little longer at 250m with 10 obstacles, a few of which will be natural. This is considered to be the best sprint course yet by the organisers.There will be two kids races on Saturday and on Sunday. WarriorRic will start the kids off under the Main Warrior Arch, which the Black-Ops Elites use, and lead them out from there. Energy Drinks Partner, Monster Energy Hydro, will be hydrating athletes throughout the weekend keeping athletes and spectators full of energy and replacing the necessary electrolytes.  

There will be a separate Elite registration desk for Black-Ops, Commando and Rookie Elite athletes. Here elite athletes will get their tags scanned and receive DQ wristbands.  If you are lucky enough to drive a Toyota, make sure you park in the Toyota parking, plus the first 200 vehicles get a free Toyota hamper.  Look out for the Toyota Chill Zone for free massages and the all-important post-race Ice Bath, which will be on the back of a Toyota Hilux.  In support of the continued growth of the South African Obstacle Course Racing community, a partnership between The Warrior Race, the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC), and South Africa Obstacle Course Racing (SAOCR) was announced on the 12th March.  This partnership of the major players in OCR South Africa are launching the first-ever South African Obstacle Course Racing Championships. It has been agreed that Toyota Warrior Race #5 at the Blythedale Coastal Estate KZN will host the inaugural event this July, and will double up as the South African Obstacle Course Racing Championships.

 For more information visit www.warrior.co.zaImages credit-BeSnapped.co.za

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