22 August 2019

Sports industry alliance to be launched in SA

Submitted by Gerrit Davids

Johannesburg - The South African Sports Industry Alliance (SASIA) will officially be launched to provide a platform for people involved in the business of sport, to find ways to optimally develop this sector across the country. 

The Alliance will have regional launches taking place at a series of Sports Industry Forums, scheduled for 26 October 2019 in Johannesburg, 1 November 2019 in Cape Town and 8 November 2019 in Durban respectively. 

SASIA will be a non-governmental entity, open to businesses and individuals active in the sports industry, but it will not grant membership to sports clubs, federations and government respectively.  

However, individuals working in these segments as professionals would be allowed to become members of the Alliance. 

According to its convenor, Gerrit Davids, MD of Gerom Media, Sports & Entertainment (Pty) Ltd, “the primary aim of the Alliance is to create a single entity to escalate the total integration of all sports industry stakeholders and to learn from best practices found around the world”. 

“SASIA will consists of various chambers representing the likes of academies, sports lawyers, agents, journalists, sports science, medical and high performance practitioners, venues, administrators and executives, coaches, equipment and sportswear suppliers, golf courses, sponsorship and marketing agencies, dieticians and nutrition advisors, physiotherapists, social change sports organisations and educational bodies, etc.” 

“The Alliance will primarily focus on raising the bar in the sports business industry through sustainable stakeholder partnerships.” 

Davids says, “The objective of the Alliance is to provide each participating sector with an enabling environment in, which to discuss and establish their own respective Chambers under the SASIA banner.” 

“SASIA will focus on the role of the sports business industry in the quest to make South Africa a ‘winning nation’ again, and to use sport as a ‘nation building tool and unifier’, like it did during the Mandela era”. 


SASIA will have no legal standing since it won’t be an association or organisational structure for that matter.

It will only act as a convener for the sports business industry to network and exchange knowledge around best practice. 

It will also not collect any membership fees and it will have no formal positions elected, appointed or otherwise. 

SASIA is endorsed by African Sports Institute (ASI), a division of Gerom Media Sports & Entertainment in partnership with the Sport, Poverty Relief, Recreation, Education, Arts and Culture, Development Foundation (SPREAD).  

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