06 April 2017

Sartori TM Brand Managers Joins Jeep Team SA Management Team

Submitted by Viv Quann
Sartori TM Brand Managers Joins Jeep Team SA Management Team

One of Jeep Team South Africa’s aspirational values is educating athletes on social media, cross-sport socialisation, personal brand building, and the opportunity to be the best and race against the best in the world. In line with this vision and aspiration, the Jeep Team SA management team is proud to welcome SARTORI™ to the broader team in a strategic role.  “Founded in 2001, Jeep Team South Africa is the most consistent, and longest-running, Lifestyle and Wellness Team in South Africa. With around 300 athletes coming through the team over the past 15 years, Jeep Team SA has provided a platform for athletes to grow, develop and mature into national and International stars,” says Max Cluer at Jeep Team SA.   “In recent years, international sports events have presented significant opportunities for rising South African athletes to compete on a global stage. These opportunities have proven that local athletes are able to hold their own in the international sporting arena.

However, this newfound success is often curtailed by a lack of effective guidance and management.   To help the Jeep Team SA brand, and the brand of the individual athletes, stand out in an ever more competitive industry, Jeep Team SA is joined by SARTORI™, with the focus on encouraging, supporting and assisting athletes on their journey as professional competitors.”   SARTORI™ was started by Amy Sartori and with her managing partner, Kyllin Vardhan,  who both have a wealth of experience within the sports, sponsorship, sports and marketing industries.   Sartori has been in the industry for over a decade, working with various marketing related agencies on a vast variety of big brands.

She is also an avid athlete in her personal capacity, having participated in the Comrades Marathon and Ironman 70.3 events, to name a few. Her qualifications and athletic experience provide her with a deep understanding of the sacrifices that need to be made to achieve set goals, and offers the ideal ladder to develop successful brand strategies.  Vardhan was a professional sportsman for over 9 years.

Apart from being a pro-cricketer for the Dolphins, Lions and Titans from 2008 to 2016, he also has BA LLB Hons, is a CSA level 3 coach and an accredited agent in many sporting codes. Having set up two successful businesses, Vardhan understands the needs of sportsmen and women from both a performance and a professional perspective.   Says Vardhan, “Professional athletes have a need for a competent agent advisor who understands the legal, business and financial issues that an athlete will face, and protects and assists them in making the right decisions.”  

Expert guidance and knowledge from SARTORI™ will assist in further entrenching the Jeep Team SA brand and athletes within the sport industry. Jeep Team SA persists in ensuring a sustainable, authentic brand that richly represents what the Team has achieved, who the Team is - a brand that advocates athlete talent identification, mentorship and development.   Concludes Sartori, “Ultimately, it is about unpacking Jeep Team SA in its entirety, including the athletes, and finding that defining attribute that distinguishes this team from the rest of the market place. We ultimately want to take Jeep Team SA to the next level – it is a team that has a solid and consistent history with an incredible story – one the world deserves to hear.”  

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