27 July 2022

Rooted in Goodness – Benefits of Plant-Based Protein

Submitted by Josh Maraney
Rooted in Goodness – Benefits of Plant-Based Protein


If you’ve decided to change over to a plant-based way of eating or simply want to increase your intake of plant protein, BlueLab™ 100% Plant Protein is your new go-to protein supplement. And even better, it’s also our most incredible-tasting raw plant protein yet!

BlueLab™ 100% Plant Protein is a plant-based high protein formulation sourced from Smooth Protein™, a watermelon and pumpkin seed protein and pea protein concentrate blend. Each scoop provides 20 g of protein and 4 g of naturally-occurring branched chain amino acids (BCAA). It is packed with a complete essential amino acid profile to aid muscle recovery, increase lean muscle tone and contribute to overall good health.

Changing over to a plant-based lifestyle also doesn’t mean you need to consume more carbohydrates and sugar. USN’s Plant Protein is sugar-free and contains only 4 g of carbohydrates per serving.

If you battle with lactose intolerance or sensitivity, USN Plant Protein is dairy free and easy to digest and absorb. Ideal for environmental- and health-conscious individuals, our Plant Protein is free from colourants, and artificial flavourants and is naturally sweetened with Stevia.

Clean Cream™, a high oleic sunflower seed extract, has been included in our Plant Protein to provide a smooth, dairy-like texture and also contributes to good heart health!

We source only the best, most wholesome ingredients to fuel you with the best-tasting, premium quality protein supplement.


Smooth Protein™: 20 g of high-quality protein blend including watermelon, pumpkin seed and pea protein concentrate. No added soy protein.

Clean Cream™: heart-healthy, high oleic sunflower seed extract for a smooth, dairy-like texture.

BCAA: 4 g naturally-occurring BCAA, enhances lean muscle maintenance, toning and recovery

Glutamine: 3.6 g to prevent muscle breakdown, boosts immunity and stomach health

Free from:

SugarSoyDairyArtificial sweetenersArtificial flavourantsArtificial colourants

Available now in delicious Vanilla Cinnamon and Chocolate Mocha flavours!

About USN

Sports Supplements for performance, weight control and muscle-building supplementation are the cornerstones of USN’s premium product offering, along with beverages and bars. USN also plays a major role in the growing ‘self-help’ movement by providing effective nutritional supplements to consumers. We use the latest verified and peer reviewed nutritional research throughout the development of our products, and we continue to employ the latest protocols with regards to manufacturing.

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