19 July 2017

Obstacle Course Champs, Van Tonder and Deysel, Beat the Beast Winter Challenge

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Obstacle Course Champs, Van Tonder and Deysel, Beat the Beast Winter Challenge

PIETERMARITZBURG, 19 JULY 2017 – Jeep Team OCR athletes, Thomas van Tonder and Jay Jay Deysel, were among the 70 athletes and 39 teams brave enough to accept the Beast Winter Challenge at the Wedge 4x4 Trail in Muldersdrift this past weekend.The Beast Winter Challenge offered two Obstacle Course Races (OCR), a 10km Polar Bear OCR and a 5km Snow Fox OCR, with both events featuring hill running, tough gripping, climbing, and crawling through numerous difficult obstacles, especially designed by elite OCR athletes.Van Tonder, never one to give up, hammered his way into the lead and stayed there, claiming a resounding first place in a time of 00:52:45.  Jay Jay Deysel was in great form coming second in 00:58:59, with Wynand Louw in third in 01:04:05.Says van Tonder, “An awesome day of OCR, with Jeep Team taking top 2 podium spots at The Beast Winter Challenge. I am stoked with another win at The Beast.” 

Results – The Beast Winter Challenge – Polar Bear 10km


  1. Thomas van Tonder - 00:52:45
  2. Jay Jay Deysel - 00:58:59
  3. Wynand Louw - 01:04:05 


  1. 1. Nicole Baker - 01:54:06
  2. 2. Ingrid Becker - 01:56:11 

### JEEP TEAM NEWS MTB - Nissan TrailSeeker Gauteng Series Lionman – Pierre Smith

 This past weekend saw Jeep Team mountain biker, Pierre Smith, take part in the Lionman leg of the Nissan TrailSeeker Series at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve in Limpopo, after three months off from injuries. The Nissan Trailseeker Series races are tough and renowned for attracting the country’s top mountain bike elites, and this one was no different, playing host to 1921 riders.  Says Smith, “It was so exciting to be back on the start line today, racing at the Nissan TrailSeeker Series at Mabalingwe.

It was a super physical route with a lot of sand, rocky climbs and some scary downhills.” Smith competed in the challenging Marathon race, which covered 70km with 874m of elevation gain, and featured steep climbs, sharp turns and fast downhills. Smith crossed the finish line in 10th place overall (6th senior) in a time of 03:01:25. “I last raced a competitively almost 3 months ago, but I’ve had a good training block since my last race. I am happy with my top 10 finish today. Thank you to Jeep Team for making it possible, and giving me this opportunity and continued support.”concludes Smith. International MTB – Austria - Mikaela JonssonOver the weekend, Jeep Team’s international athlete, Mikaela Jonsson, raced the Salzkammergut Trophy, Austria’s biggest mountain bike event with over 5000 participants from 43 nations and eleven different events.Jonsson raced the 55km MTB marathon and crossed the finish line in 6th place overall in a time of 03:50:17.9.

A huge achievement.  Says Jonsson, “What an awesome race this weekend at the Salzkammergut Trophy, Austria's biggest MTB race! Lots of climbing and technical muddy descents. I’m happy to have finished 6th lady overall. It is such a beautiful place to race.” Surfski – Bay Union Open Ocean Surfski Challenge Race 2 – Barry LewinThis past weekend saw Barry Lewin (Jeep Team), take part in Race 2 of the Bay Union Open Ocean Surfski Challenge.  The race from the Durban Underwater Club is a 12km out-and-back loop offering good runs on the return leg, but, with the approach of the cold front, the wind picked up, making for challenging choppy conditions. Lewin finished 8th place overall in 00:58:09.37.  

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