03 May 2022

New Global Horse Racing Event is launched in South Africa

Submitted by Dionne Collett
New Global Horse Racing Event is launched in South Africa

Growing horse racing audiences through action packed, short duration events.Exciting entertainment geared at the whole family.

The Super Six Series is back as Global Team Horse Racing (GTH) offering team-based, fast paced entertainment for the whole family.

The world-wide premier of the GTH series will take place in Durban, South Africa; every Friday evening in August and September 2022.  Gold Circle, who manage the Hollywoodbets Greyville racecourse have added four-night meetings to the official racing calendar as follows:

5th August 202212th August 202219 August 20222nd September 2022

GTH Racing is backed by Super Six Racing Limited, a UK-registered business, who  include a handful of ardent racing supporters, who have long believed that horse racing needs rejuvenation.  Over the years, they have tested and trialled innovative approaches with a view to broadening the appeal of horse racing to meet the action seeking expectations of new audiences, something that fits into the audiences’ time constraints and meets reduced attentions spans.

The new format is moving away from the traditional horse racing model but the incentives for jockeys, owners and stakeholders stay the same and the races are held strictly according to National Horse Racing Association (NHRA) rules and regulations. Racing stakes are the same, if not slightly higher, than regular racing and regular punters will still be able to wager on the races via all the standard channels available.

Effectively the GTH series will add four additional racing fixtures to the racing calendar in 2022 as well as adding more than R3,5 million in additional stakes.

GTH who has committed over R10 million in investment to develop the live series in 2022 and all fixtures will be broadcast on Super Sport throughout Africa and through streaming services around the world.

Eight races in two and a half hours, means that the evening’s entertainment will be fast paced and besides racing, there will be loads of other entertainment in the 15-to-20-minute breaks, something for everyone in the family.

Three teams go head-to-head over three weeks scoring points per race run, with the two highest scoring teams battling it out in the final event in the final week. The teams are easy to identify as the jockeys, 10 per team, will be wearing team colours. The races don’t exceed 1600 meters and the 8 runners competing in each race (4 per team) will be balanced with the horses matched according to their NHRA allocated merit ratings.

All the usual betting options remain, but GTH’s focus is on providing family entertainment in a short format that gives access to the horse racing to people of all ages. For those that cannot make it to the event, the team-based format is ideal for gamification and fans can engage much as they would at a live event.

“While it is true that there are still successful international signature horse racing events such as the Melbourne Cup, The Kentucky Derby and The Dubai World Cup and closer to home, the Hollywood Bets Durban July,  the truth is that horse racing, like all sporting entertainment businesses, needs to be rejuvenated to appeal to contemporary/modern audiences”, comments Angus Campbell head of the GTH Racing team in South Africa, “racecourse operators are frantically trying to find a solution to this problem and GTH has a product, a business model, a commercial plan and an experienced team ready to radically re-invent horse racing globally!”

Published in Sports Range