21 October 2016

Jeep Team SA perform at world class level at OCR world Champs in Canada

Submitted by Viv Quann
Jeep Team SA perform at world class level at OCR world Champs in Canada

COLLINGWOOD, ONTARIO, CANADA 19 OCTOBER 2016 – The Obstacle Course World Championships took place this past week in the Blue Mountain Resort in Canada, from 14th to the 16th October 2016, attracting over 4,000 athletes from 43 countries. Three Jeep Team athletes qualified and were selected for Team South Africa. The Obstacle Course World Championships is a single event created to unify, promote and increase participation in the sport of OCR, while celebrating its amazing athletes and community.

It was a tough but very rewarding weekend for Jeep Team athletes, Thomas Van Tonder, Jay Jay Deysel and Carina Marx, who participated on a world platform against the best in the world. Jeep Team’s Carina Marx and Thomas van Tonder raced in the OCR World Champs Pro Race with 914 male and female athletes from forty-three countries, all converging on to a 15-km long course tackling over forty obstacles with names like Dragon’s Back, Skull Valley, Mini Platinum Rig, Floating Boards, F5 Skyline, Urban Sky, Warped Wall, Wreck Bag Carry, and more. This Pro field race had no age groups, with mixed genders racing together - all the world’s best obstacle course racers only competing for the title of World Champion, and some of the biggest cash prizes in the sport.

Carina Marx performed at world-class level leaving no prisoners, finishing in an outstanding 12th female overall out of 43 women challengers, in a phenomenal time of 2:18:27. The average time taken to complete the Pro Race across male and female racers was 2:53:24. South Africa’s top OCR Champion, Thomas Van Tonder, took part in 2 races in the OCR World Champs. His first race, the World Champs Pro race, was as tough as they come against the toughest OCR athletes in the world. Van Tonder gave it everything finishing in a phenomenal 16th place overall out of 169 male participants, in a time of 1:37:40, just 8 minutes behind the overall winner. Jon Albon (UK) took the win in the Pro men’s event in a time of 1:24:36, his 3rd OCR World Championship win, and for the women, Canadian’s Lindsay Webster’s took the win, her second OCR World Championship win, in a time of 1:45:45. Both completing the same course, they dominated their races, taking the lead early on and never looking back.

Jay Jay Deysel took part in the OCR World Championships 3 km race and finished 35th out of 136 participants, in 20:36 in the 18-24 age category. Deysel also completed the 15-km Long course finishing in 43rd place in a time of 1:54:02. Said Deysel: “This was the most fun I had in a long time. I once again realized how blessed we are to do the things we love. Life is short. Be the best you can be and spread the love.”   Marx and Van Tonder also participated in the OCR World Championship Make-a-Wish Open Challenge, which took place on the 16th of October. A 15-km standard-distance challenge to test OCR strength and skills, this course was created for the best in the world to raise funds for the Make-a-Wish® Foundation. No qualification was required for this special charity event allowing all athletes an opportunity to give something back. There were 429 finishers of which 268 were men and 161 were women.

SUMMARY: RACE RESULTS JEEP TEAM SA AND TEAM SA ATHLETES COMPETITING SHORT COURSE | FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14 Jay Jay Deysel 3 km  Pro FbyDiv 23 M 0:20:35.7 33 33 34 Hanneke Dannhauser 3 km  Pro FbyDiv 28 F 0:24:08.7 3 3 68   STANDARD DISTANCE ELITE | SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15 Thomas B van Tonder 15 km Elite 24 M 01:37:40 16 16 Bradley Claase 15 km Elite 28 M 01:44:41 27 27 Jay Jay Deysel 15 km Elite 23 M 01:54:02 43 41 Carina Marx 15 km Elite 33 F 02:18:27 107 12  

STANDARD DISTANCE AGE GROUP | SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15 Thomas van Tonder 15 km  Pro FbyDiv 24 M 1:37:41.0 16 16 16  Bradley Claase 15 km  Pro FbyDiv 28 M 1:44:40.5 27 27 27  Jay Jay Deysel 15 km  Pro FbyDiv 23 M 1:54:02.1 43 43 45 Carina Marx 15 km  Pro FbyDiv 33 F 2:18:26.5 14 14 112  Sabrina 15 km  F-18-24 24 F 2:20:22.6 3 14 217   MAKE A WISH CHARITY RACE Thomas Van Tonder 3 km  Pro FbyDiv 24 M 0:36:05.8 10 10 35 Bradley  Claase 3 km  Pro MbyDiv 28 M 0:36:05.8 10 10 35 Carina Marx 3 km  Pro FbyDiv 33 F 0:46:15.8 4 4 155 Hanneke Dannhauser 3 km  F-25-29 28 F 0:53:35.8 1 7 26 Sabrina Daolio 3 km  Open XbyDiv 24 F 1:01:43.8 11 11 197 Jay Jay Deysel 3 km  M-18-24 23 M 1:15:58.0 9 93 127   FULL OCR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 RESULTS Click here: http://www.mudrunguide.com/ocrwc-live-results/?split=0&cat=5 Click here: http://www.j-chipusa.com/results.php?search=&cat=17&Submit=Search

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