20 September 2021

How to Become a Yoga Teacher in South Africa

Submitted by Lisl Whytock
How to Become a Yoga Teacher in South Africa

The role of a Yoga teacher is to teach their students to perform the various proper Yoga poses and promote mindfulness and meditation on their journey towards overall wellness. The type of approach taken by each Yoga teacher depends upon their own training and Yoga, which they practice.

Types of Yoga you can Teach
Surprisingly, there are many different types of Yoga, and each approach has benefits. Some of the better-known Yoga practices are;

  • Hatha Yoga. This slow-paced practice is perfect for introducing beginners to Yoga and helps unwind after a long day.
  • Vinyasa flow. This Yoga style coordinates breathing with a flow of postures. It can be slow, gentle or more intense.
  • Bikram Yoga. This is a HOT style of Yoga where the practice room is heated to 40 degrees centigrade and ensures a good sweat throughout the 26 different postures.
  • Ashtanga Yoga. Another name for this type of Yoga is Power Yoga. It also coordinates movement with breathing with gentle progress through each asana.
  • Kundalini Yoga. This type of Yoga focuses on working your core in combination with breathing. It also includes a lot of meditating, and the class is generally physically demanding.

Yoga Teaching Courses in South Africa
If you would like to instruct Yoga classes, gain an advanced understanding of Yoga, are passionate about fitness, and want to work in the fitness industry, you may be interested in the Yoga Alliance RYT200 course at eta College.

eta College is a Yoga Alliance registered RYT200 Yoga school. This means that your Yoga qualification, RYT200, is recognised internationally. Additionally, the eta course is recognised by the Register for Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA), so you will have a dual benefit of the Yoga Alliance RYT200 qualification and a qualification from a legitimate, internationally accredited education institution. This will enable you to further your education because you studied through a registered and accredited academic institution. On top of this, you will gain visibility across Yoga Alliance’s directories and platforms and join a community where you can network, share ideas and establish meaningful professional relationships.

The RYT200 Yoga course will provide you with the conceptual knowledge and applied skills to work as a Yoga teacher. Once qualified, you will be able to work at a range of Yoga facilities or Yoga studios, offering a range of Yoga classes. In addition, the course provides you with current and well-researched exercise science education and the applied knowledge needed to take up work as a Yoga teacher.

What Will a Yoga Course Teach me?

  • Apply knowledge of anatomy and physiology to Yoga classes
  • Understand the fundamentals and principles of Yoga
  • Plan Yoga classes, demonstrating understanding of Yoga poses, cautions and teaching points
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the traditional physical and mental discipline of Yoga
  • Explain energy anatomy and physiology
  • Describe the elements involved in teaching a Yoga asana class
  • Demonstrate understanding of Yoga asana techniques and teaching methodology
  • Instruct Yoga classes using appropriate communication methods to teach and modify Yoga poses

Register with eta College
If this sounds perfect for your career and you would like to register eta College, https://www.etacollege.com/shop/.

Alternatively, if you would like further information, please download the eta College prospectus.

About eta College
eta College is a private higher education and training college specialising in qualifications that lead to employment in the sport and fitness industries. These qualifications are registered on the Higher Education Qualifications Framework (HEQSF) and the Occupational Qualifications Sub Framework. eta College offers face-to-face and online courses. It has campuses in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Stellenbosch, and in Mauritius and Namibia. Visit their website at https://www.etacollege.com.

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