12 July 2017

Christiaan Greyling Racing 150km ‘Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail’

Submitted by Viv Quann
Christiaan Greyling Racing 150km ‘Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail’

Starting Tuesday 11 July and ending on the 16 July, Christiaan Greyling (Jeep Team/Salomon/Garmin) is up against 28 other athletes competing in the 150km ‘Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail’ 2017. This 2nd edition of the Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail Race is taking place in the northern region of Madagascar in 6 stages over 6 days, starting at the Beomalona Waterfall and ending at the Diego Suarez Townhouse, Diego Suarez.  This is an annual race organised by Boogie Events, the sports branch of Boogie Pilgrim, a Malagasy Tour Operator who has been operating in Antananarivo for 30 years.

This special race is focused on 3 core values -  a Sporting Challenge - 150km running race in 6 days/6 stages of 20-20-27-42-28-10kms; it is a tourism discovery - the course is run along natural wonders of the northern region of Madagascar; and lastly, it promotes Sport Solidarity – the organisers collaborate with local offices such as Malagasy Athletics Federation and the Paralympic Federation.  Interesting facts about this race is that there are twenty-one Malagasy runners - 15 from the regional league of Diego Suarez, three from the national league, two from the Paralympic committee and one runner is sponsored by Boogie Pilgrim himself.

There are eight foreign runners: three from South Africa, three from the USA, one from Argentina, and one from Sweden. Athletes are made up of seven women and twenty-two men divided into six age group categories. From the 29 runners in this second edition, fourteen ran the 2016 race.   Local Elite athlete, Jacquis Justin, who finished only 15 minutes behind 2016 winner, Thabang Madiba (South Africa), will have two South African elites to compete against this year, Landie and Christiaan Greyling. Paralympic athletes, Revelinot (one arm amputee) and Zephirin Jimazava (Visually impaired) running their 2nd edition of this race.  


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