Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cape Foods pledges lamb to every Paralympic medal winner

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Now the Paralympic medal winner can also look forward to a lekker braai!

Cape Foods announced this morning that they are donating a whole Karoo lamb to every participant that wins a medal at the Paralympic games. The colour of the medal is irrelevant – gold, silver or bronze will qualify for the lamb. If a participant wins more than 1 medal, he/she will receive only one lamb.

According to Gerhard Martin, the owner of Cape Foods, this is the least one can do as recognition for these fantastic athletes, who despite their
disabilities, have such a lot of courage and perseverance. They inspire the nation and are true role models for a society that is desperate for success stories. We wish them all of the best and hope they bring back plenty of medals.

Cape Foods is based in Cape Town and is a supplier of a range of braai spices and marinades to the supermarkets in South Africa.

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