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Running the Comrades Marathon on prothestic legs

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It really is possible to do amazing things if you are given the opportunity. Oscar Pistorius, Paul Martin and Japie Greyvenstein all have one thing in common - they have prosthetic legs. Oscar has become a household name for most of us with his sporting achievements, earning himself the moniker 'Blade Runner'. Oscar Pistorius is an for the Mineseeker Foundation.

Less well known are Paul Martin and Japie Greyvenstein who have both completed the 89km Comrades Marathon, despite both having a prosthetic leg. It simply goes to show what can be done. This year Ronel Wienand, took it upon herself to give others an opportunity in life by raising funds for the victims of landmines who have lost limbs. Ronel, an able-bodied lifestyle instructor, does not take her real legs for granted. She also realises that there are those, who, given the chance could also lead normal lives.

She has already completed the Two Oceans marathon and raised funds for a Landmine Survivor School project. She is now about to take on the Comrades marathon and every kilometer she completes will raise more funds for those in need.. To date she has completed the Two Oceans marathon and has raised nearly R 25 000, that is halfway for her and halfway for Julio's School.

The 89km Comrades Marathon now looms on the 3rd June 2012 and Ronel is getting ready to streak to the finish line, driven on by the thoughts of those landmine survivors who are not able to do the same. We ask you support Ronel by pledging an amount per kilometre she runs in the Comrades. Ronel tells us about the Two Oceans. "Thinking back, I still remember the exact thoughts, the exact feelings, the nerves and the excitement on the morning while I was getting ready to leave the hotel and the start of my very first Two Oceans marathon. Not even my injury could put a damper on my mood.

Nothing could have prepared me for the feelings I experienced at the start. I was very emotional and excited. What I did realize, however, was that I had already run this race a thousand times over in my mind in preparation for this very day. The festivities of the start was over and the gun had gone, with a big smile on my face and my heart beating faster than ever I touched my Mineseeker badge' said "this ones for you" and off I went!" "A wet race all the way but nothing could take a away from the beauty of that race. The spirit, the smiles, the camaraderie and the amazing support from the Capetonians was all overwhelming. When it got tough and I wanted to walk I just thought of the kids I'm helping with this race and focussed on the next kilometre.

Before I knew I entered a very muddy finish, but with all smiles and a happy heart. I had finished the Two Oceans in 6h09:50. I did not run my sub 6hrs but that didn't matter I had finished strong and kept my promise for the children." So now for Comrades. You can find out more and make a pledge at

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