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SA Marathon Runner to run for Landmine Survivors

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She is fit, she is sporty and she is ready to raise money! Ronel Wienand is a Lifestyle Manager at Rapid Results Fitness Solutions in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since she was a child she loved running and jumping around, like most active children do. She received a Sports bursary at her high school where she excelled both academically and on the sports side.

It was at this time that she became involved with community work by volunteering for SOS children and retirement villages, which she continued to do through her university years.

She fell in love with doing this work and felt that through her sporting achievements she would be able to give back through her marathon running. When she heard about the Mineseeker Foundation, she was particularly taken by the plight of the children that have been affected by landmines and no longer have the joy of running around.

"So this is me, nobody special just a conditioning specialist at Rapid Results Fitness Solutions, someone who is fortunate enough to be able bodied to help. Someone who can run for those who can't, someone who wants to 'Put a foot down' and make a difference. " says Ronel.

"I know I have calling in life, there is more for me to do out there. I'm a marathon runner and I would be honoured to run every km in the Two Oceans marathon on the 7th April 2012 and the Comrades marathon on the 3rd June 2012 to raise funds for the Mineseeker Foundation and in particular Julio's Landmine Survivor School Project".

You can pledge an amount per kilometer that Ronel completes in the Two Oceans Marathon (56km) and the Comrades Marathon (89km) this year.

You can make a  pledge here @

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