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Toyota SA dips toe in esports arena with new activation from Brand Inc

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Toyota SA dips toe in esports arena with new activation from Brand Inc

Toyota South Africa is dipping its toe in the esports arena with the launch of the Toyota Esports Challenge, an activation conceptualised and implemented by the vehicle manufacturer’s newly appointed activation and sponsorship agency, Brand Inc.

Part of the HaveYouHeard group, Brand Inc is a collaboration with GGWP (Good Game Well Played) to create a unique sports sponsorship agency combining the experience and expertise of a traditional sports agency with that of an esports specialist.

In addition to strategising Toyota’s involvement in esports and conceptualising the activation, Brand Inc is managing the logistics, influencer management and competition set-up and management, as well as physical activation at the end of the tournament (if permitted under Covid-19 lockdown regulations by then).

It has also recruited celebrity wild-card players who will participate in the tournament including Kwesta, Rouge, Heavy K, Keegan Buchanan and soccer enthusiast Joe Crann. Commentators for the tournament include Sam Wright (Tech Girl), Kamza Mbatha and Stanton Fredericks.

“This is an incredibly exciting activation for us,” said Brand Inc‘s Head of Strategy, Ryan McFadyen. “Firstly, we get to partner with an iconic South African brand and contribute towards its efforts to remain relevant with today’s youth market. “Second, the world of esports itself is fascinating and a powerful place for brands to position themselves. We are confident that this sponsorship will be considerably rewarding for Toyota.”

The winner of the Toyota Esports Challenge 2020 will not only take the title of Toyota Esports Player 2020 and R50 000 prize money, he (or she) will be entered into the Telkom VS Gaming eDiski Masters Season 4 playoff, which is taking place later this year, and possibly in the final in this competition which takes place at South Africa’s Comicon in May 2021.

Registration for the 64 spots up for grabs in the two-month Toyota Esports Challenge 2020 opened on April 30 and were filled within four hours, beating the two-week period built into the planning schedule. The successful applicants, who will obviously game from home over the internet playing FIFA 2020 on PlayStation 4s, participated in the first round of matches on Thursday May 14. View the tournament web site here:

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