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Sports business awards launched

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Johannesburg– South Africa’s “disruptors” and “trailblazers” in the sports business industry will receive long-overdue recognition at the newly launched awards, which will take place in Johannesburg from 28-30 November 2019. 

The Awards consist of a number of segments for different areas of the sports business industry, inclusive of the, Sport Brands Index Awards, Sports Leadership Awards, Pro Sports Awards, MassActive Events Awards and the Marathonex Awards respectively.    

The proceedings will kick of on 28 November 2019 at a breakfast function where the country’s most “iconic and engaged brands in sport”, will have their moment in the spotlight and receive accolades for being the most “recognised brands”, as voted for by the fans.  

Awards will be handed out in categories like, Sports Brand of the Year for all major sports, as well as in segments for, health and wellness, activewear, nutrition, apparel, shoes, equipment, accessories, gadgets, sponsors, clubs and franchises, etc. 

Another groundbreaking awards ceremony will be held on the same day, in the Leadership in Sport and the Pro Sports Awards for executives and professional sports entities. 

These leadership awards will primarily give appreciation and recognition to sports executives for their unselfish contribution, to create an enabling environment for our sports people, to participate in the best circumstances, possible.   

The awards’ primary focus, will be to highlight key leadership achievements in codes, which employ executives to efficiently manage modern-day challenges in sport, inclusive of categories for CEO of the Year, personalities of the year in media, broadcasting, agency, sponsorship, events, etc. 

Day two of the programme, on 29 November 2019, will feature the first ever MassActive Events Summit, where organisers of mass participation sports events will gather to debate the best practices required for sustainability and the major challenge, to engage both participants and spectators alike, in a digitally connected and disrupted economy.  

Delegates will be part of a highly interactive programme, inclusive of panel discussions and engage with our industry thought leaders on the best strategies and international trends, contributing towards the current exponential growth of mass participation events, around the world. 

The MassActive Events Awards ceremony will immediately follow the Summit, with more than 30 different awards being handed out to organisers of events in running, swimming, cycling and all other types of mass participation events.   

The Marathonex Forum and Awards will conclude the series of events on 30 November 2019, to create a much needed knowledge exchange for marathon organisers, to debate the key aspect of sustainable event sponsorship, as well as effective marketing and commercial strategies, required to stage successful marathons.  

The first ever Marathonex Awards will bestow deserved recognition and honour stakeholders in this arena, in 30 different categories, inclusive of marathon of the year, sponsor of the year, media and broadcasting, leadership awards and the Runners’ Choice Awards. 

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The Sport Brands Index Awards: No self-nomination is allowed. A research survey of sports fans will be conducted to guide the outcome of the most recognised sport brands in the country. Ceremony: 28 November 2019 

The Leadership in Sport Awards is a self-nomination process with points awarded to determine the winners. Ceremony: 28 November 2019– combined with Pro Sports Awards 

The Pro Sport Awards will be a result of survey conducted amongst sports executives gauging them on their nominees for the respective categories. No self-nomination is allowed. Ceremony: 28 November 2019 – combined with Leadership in Sports Awards 

The MassActive Event Awards is a self-nomination process with points awarded to determine the winners. Ceremony: 29 November 2019 

Marathonex Awards is a self-nomination process with points awarded to determine the winners, with the exclusion of the Runners’ Choice Awards, which will be conducted through a public online vote. Ceremony: 30 November 2019 

For more information, contact: Gerrit Davids (Director)
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