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Torpedo SwimRun

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Torpedo SwimRun

The Torpedo SwimRun takes place on 19 November 2017. It takes participants through iconic sites like Llandudno, Oudekraal, Camps Bay and Clifton form part of the 16km route. There are 6 swim segments (totalling 3km) and 6 run segments (totalling 13km).  

Race organiser, Richard McMartin, says, “The sport of SwimRun is going through a strong growth phase internationally. By combining trail running, climbing, jumping and swimming, natural courses along coastlines and waterways are being explored and raced. We're confident that the 16km Torpedo route delivers one of the most beautiful race courses in the world.  If you're looking for a wildly cool experience and to see Cape Town from a fresh perspective, find a partner and we'd love to see you on the start line.” 

Based on the popular overseas format, SwimRun attracts athletes from all spectrums of the sporting community, from surfers to trail runners, triathletes to paddlers – athletes with one common thread – the love of being in nature and challenging their bodies. SwimRun will see these athletes compete against each other over terrain that is both foreign and familiar to them all.

Where: Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandudno beaches, Cape Town

Date: Sunday, 19 November 2017

Time: 6 AM start

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