Leo Gopal is master hypnotist, influence expert, seasoned marketer and philanthropist to name just a few.

Leo began his journey in the hypnosis world when he was in his mid-teens many years ago. He began with an almost obsessive, contagious passion that has been described as a hypnotic fever to learn the arts.

He was trained, coached and mentored by many of the greats around the world and realised that the world is full of people like him but not as fortunate to learn from such great sources as resources for learning hypnotism was kept for “adults”.

Along with another teenage Hypnotist, Nathan Thomas, Leo Gopal co-founded the International Association for Teenage Hypnotists (IATH) in 2008 where they gave free hypnosis lessons and tutorials emphasising ethics and safety freely to other teens.

The popularity of IATH grew and its founders were also getting older where they noticed that almost half the members on IATH were appreciating their work in the hypnosis world and were much older than their teenage years, so in 2010 for IATH’s third anniversary – they re-launched the IATH as the International Association for Youth Hypnotists (IAYH) which it still is today.

Leo Gopal is also the founder and president of an International Hypnosis Training Institute called Tulsi Hypnosis Institute which has its head offices in his hometown in South Africa. As you can see, Leo has an immense passion for teaching and spreading knowledge of hypnosis.

Being passionate about the human mind, how it operates and how its influenced, Leo also has a deep rooted background in marketing, sales, influence and networking which he also teaches for the benefit of his various audiences.

Believing in the goodness of humanity, Leo has also brought to South Africa the movement of Pay It Forward, which is a movement believing that one should do good deeds for others and not expecting it to be paid back in return but to open up the caring to pay good deeds forward and eventually have it return full circle.

Leo has undertaken various projects to improve the state of hypnosis and hypnotherapy which he mostly does through his quality hypnosis training. However, he has a huge focus in the development of hypnosis in South Africa and is the creator of the South African Hypnosis Network (SAHN) which consists of a Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist Directory and resource base, a Hypnosis community Forum and access to the The Hypnosis Guild of Southern Africa. The aim is to create unity and community with hypnotists in South Africa and providing them with the resources needed to best benefit the industry at large.

Other than those many projects, he has an immense sweet tooth especially for Lindt and Ferrero chocolate, has been nicknamed by many as "The Enchanter" for his hypnosis style and his favourite word is “Awesome”. :)